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  1. Hi all, we'll be taking our almost 3 year old with us on board the Explorer later this month. For those that have traveled on board with young children is there anything I need to definitely pack or not pack? She still has milk in the morning and at bedtime so I was think of taking A2 powdered milk which is what I did when I took her to New York at Christmas.. so my two questions are: 1. Hot water availability? I know you can't take personal water heaters in the cabins however I was thinking of taking a thermos to get hot water from the dining areas.. is this possible or is there an easier solution? 2. Kids dining.. do the restaurants offer crayons/paper etc during the kids dining time or should I take my own to keep her occupied at the table once the food disappears? Anything else I MUST take? I think I'm covered with everything else. She's a great traveler, very quiet, doesn't run riot..
  2. Has anybody got any pics to share of their balcony cabin that's set up for either 3 or 4 berth?
  3. I'll come with you!! ;p Actually I'd be keen to know the outcome as I may be faced with the same situation in July on Explorer.. I have heard from a travel agent that says they refuse boarding!! I hope not.. please let me know..
  4. Hi fellow cruisers, has anyone experienced boarding a P&O cruise ship with one less passenger than originally booked? P&O call it a 'no-show' however friends in the industry have told me that P&O will actually off-load the whole party and refuse boarding!! :oI currently have a booking and it looks like one of my party won't be able to make it..
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