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  1. Or Tip $20 on the first day, they remember your name and your card number and your wife and you are set....
  2. So how does anyone know that announcement Monday will or will not be Carnival Corp severing ties with CLIA as obviously they have no power over the cruising industry at this point
  3. Well my July 4 is still there out of Galveston The Vista is not transporting crew home so who knows[emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. So here is my question... We were cancelled with 12 hours to boarding on the 13th/14th.... We got the $600 and rebooked for July 4th... What happens if they cancel us again....?
  5. Can't do it... Many of today's children dont have the smallpox vaccine but can travel anywhere is US... no proof necessary It's flu version 50, gang... If you easily get sick, stay home... Let us others have fun...
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