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  1. I know a lot people have it worse.. I am wondering why NCL waited so long for the 8/31 sky anncoument. Then cancelled Key west only 2-3 hours after the first change. Now it's not going to even hit key west or Miami.
  2. I was just going to say the same thing.. plus they said key west, they revoked it several hours later.. with no change with storm. It makes sense.. but I wonder why the change.
  3. NCL.com. I just saw too. Sucks. Been to cozmuel so many times. Never been to key west. Oh well. It beats going back home and back to work. Hopefully we get port fees refunded. A few extra $$
  4. Sweet.. NCL Sky!!!! Drinks on me!!!!! Lololol See you in the boat!!!
  5. I did .. nothing got text last night . That's it. It's 3pm... Nothing!!
  6. Sky is turn and burn tomorrow or going to cancelled. Hoping for the best.. I can see the port from the beach in the distance. Maybe someone can toss a few drinks off and they can float my way.
  7. Still waiting my friend.. NCL site is slow to update. Ive been refreshing and the "130pm" update came live way after 2pm.. we got 30 minutes till 3pm.
  8. It's parked right next to the SKY.. Waiting for Sky to confirm.... Going on. 8/31.. hopefully...
  9. Good luck I'm on the beach in Miami , waiting. We are from North Carolina. Understand. Hope for the best. Hopefully not a conspiracy theory by NCL to not do the last full all inclusive on Sky. Lololol hahah.
  10. The people on the ship must depart by 7am tomorrow... It will be crew only if they leave with no passengers
  11. Why do you say that.. I'm thinking the storm has slowed down.. there's no reason. For them to loose 1.5 million in revenue, when the boat is already there... They can load up everyone and leave early.. the storm won't even be close.
  12. I don't believe it. I'm on this ship. I called NCL someone on the phone said the same thing. Then i called executive customer service and they said the first place u will be notified is on website.
  13. I was asking for future reference with insurance. Based on your comments about your trip.. would would happen if you traveled somewhere and and to go back home? Refund for flight or too bad..
  14. Just wondering I'm supposed to go in NCL Sky tomorrow, in Miami already. Have no travel insurance.. if you flew ahead of the cruise (with no warning) and trip got cancelled.. would they pay for your hotel and flight.. or you just SOL and had a mini vacation?
  15. Keep us posted!! Thanks safe travel and hope you enjoyed!!
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