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  1. This is what we did in 2016. Paid estimated tax when requesting an extension. Final paperwork/payment if any was then due in October.
  2. Night fever, night feverWe know how to do itGimme that night fever, night feverWe know how to show it
  3. My, I bet you monsters lead interesting lives. I said to my girlfriend just the other day - Gee, I'll bet monsters are interesting, I said. The places you must go and the places you must see, my stars! And I'll bet you meet a lot of interesting people, too. I'm always interested in meeting interesting people. Now let's dip our patties in the water!
  4. It's just a jump to the left And then a step to the right With your hands on your hips You bring your knees in tight...
  5. The quarantine/testing requirement also does not apply to residents of NH, VT, CT, NJ, and NY. https://www.mainetourism.com/travel-resources-covid-19/#outofstate-visitors
  6. As a possible aid to the bucket list, you could also look into renting a small houseboat to cruise the canals. More affordable and no previous boating experience required. DH and I have rented a 4 seater along with another couple and those trips are some of the best we've ever taken.
  7. The thread To add some humour… has been returned to the Royal Caribbean board. But to add a little perspective, the RC board has 13 refund/FCC threads running with new posts since yesterday.
  8. It has also been confirmed, at least here on the Princess boards, that inside passengers are allowed out on deck 1.5 hrs. per day, with masks and instructions to remain at a distance from one another.
  9. We live in CT and while in Vienna for the 2016 elections were able to download ballots, complete, and mail home. Some states even allow ballots to be scanned and e-mailed. This site might be of help if your jurisdiction allows: https://www.fvap.gov/ Good luck.
  10. S1drfl

    2020 Olympics

    Just did a quick check. Olympics scheduled to run 7/24 - 8/9. Spectrum of the Seas has 2 cruises, first with an overnight call 7/29 - 7/30 and the next 8/6 - 8/7. Specific port is Tokyo (Harumi). Diamond Princess originates/ends in Tokyo (Yokohama) 7/27 - 8/4. Norwegian Spirit originates/ends in Tokyo (Yokohama) 7/28 - 8/11. Hope this helps.
  11. Was on a world cruise in 2016. Different line, longer, more port intensive, but still many similarities. 5 pages seems too small. At that time Brazil and India required visas to be obtained in advance that took up a full page each, as well as stamping passport inbound and outbound. A quick check of additional legible stamps include South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia and Thailand. Many more fairly illegible. Please check current visa requirements for your itinerary ASAP, in particular if your cruise leaves in January. Would recommend starting passport renewal at once. Visa applications req
  12. I hope this helps. https://www.nycruise.com/schedule/
  13. DH is a retired emergency room doctor. Have attended many continuing education conferences over the years. The one on a cruise had about 20 attendees, not all of whom had spouses in attendance. Meetings took place in a small conference room and dining with the others in the group was optional. FWIW, our experience is that hotel sited conferences in Hawaii were much more popular, attracting many more attendees accompanied by entire families. Hope the OP's experience is consistent with this.
  14. I believe this is the article: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/around-the-world-cruises-2020/index.html
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