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  1. I can't speak to the Thermal Suite on the Getaway specifically, we have only cruised on Escape. But, we found the Thermal suite to be very much worth the money. Our policy now is to take rhe absolute lowest price cabin so we can justify the spa pass. It gives you a quiet enclave in a busy ship. If you are like us and want that option to have some peace and quiet on a big ship, I would recommend it.
  2. We did not care for Teppanyaki. It felt crowded and the cooking "performance" just wasn't fun. We loved Moderno. Cagneys was decent. I would eliminate Teppanyaki.
  3. We cruised on Escape for the first time last year and the Thermal Spa was the best part of the trip. We are going again in 2 weeks and booked the cheapest category cabin so we could justify getting the spa passes again. What we enjoy is the peace and quiet. We love the Escape but it can be 4000 people. Knowing we have a tranquil place to relax is well worth it.
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