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  1. can't imagine there will be any travel for the next couple of months. this is early and a long way to go to beat this virus. the ones that know say it will get worse before better and could be way worse. I have one booked for October and that may be safe.
  2. we were on this one as well and your trip sounds pretty much like ours. we went to Atlantis for a few hours and then back onboard to watch a matinee movie on the big screen. HMC was great as always. trip back to Charleston was a bit of a wild ride. we agree the casino leaves a lot to be desired, but spent our share of time and money there. we had booked at a casino rate that basically cost us nothing for the room and came with free drinks card for both so our only expense was what we spent. a good getaway but we prefer longer cruises. Doug
  3. they would know if you had been to China. I am sure the manifest is being checked against passports used to enter China in the last few weeks. your name is submitted to homeland security 24 hours before departure. probably have a connection to the State Dept as well that can check. don't think they would leave it up to passengers to admit.
  4. we leave in 10 days for our 6th cruise on this ship. Our favorite of 8 ships we have been on. the first time we were not so sure we liked it, but gave it another try and loved it since.
  5. in September we went on a premier and went to the cage and they counted out $1000 for me, and $500 for my wife in cash. in fact on every casino booked cruise we have been on it has always been cash. the last one was the most though.
  6. The people switching need to go to get new keys. they program a new one so you only need to have the one key. we have done this many times. they will never question the cheers part of it.
  7. we have been on a few and never had to pay extra if we were booked and then switched to premier. normally we have gotten between $500 and $1000 free play each and drink cards for both of us. we really enjoyed them and did not think the casino was any more crowded most of the time. the extra drawings and games were not very much and we avoided most of them because that was when the casino became more crowded. we also book under other casino rates as well as in February booked a free room and only pay fees and taxes. they will get their money some way.
  8. we buy it by the case on Amazon and take it on every cruise. never have had any issues. in fact it is in my backpack thru the scanner and they have never asked to see it. we pre order a liter of vodka for the room and make our own drinks there.
  9. we are on this Saturdays cruise as well. it will be our fifth time on the Sunshine. it is one of our favorites, and I think you will like the ship. whether we get to do our itinerary is the big question now, and how rough the seas will be. we cruise the atlantic a lot and it can be rough at times. we will have lots of fun no matter what.
  10. we have cruised on the Pride 6 times since 2012 and there has always been the vibration in the aft of the ship. it does not bother us but is quite noticeable in the dining room in particular.
  11. within about 2 hours of leaving port. have cruised the Pride from there 6 times and always the same.
  12. we have done 5, 6, 7, and 8 night cruises and try to do at least 7 and prefer 8 if at all possible.
  13. Should be Saturday which is first sea day and most likely Thursday which is Grand Turk day. second one could be Wednesday which is a sea day.
  14. we love all the rooms aft on deck 5. the only place we will book. have an aft balcony in 3 weeks.
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