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  1. We have cruised on 8 different Carnival ships, Sunshine 6 times. our favorite 2 ships have been the Sunshine and the Pride. all the ones we have been on have been fun and never had a bad cruise. we only had one cruise on another line and did not have any issues with it either. carnival just seemed to suit us better so we stuck with them. have 3 booked now for next year,(2022). magic twice and sunshine again. now we shoot for only 8 day cruises when we cruise.
  2. don't think there will be any problems filling to whatever capacity they are at all cruises for the next 6 months or so. there are plenty of vaccinated cruisers, and in the older age groups the vaccinated percentage is way higher than your 41% and this age group makes up a lot of the repeat cruisers. we cruise sometimes 3 times a year and would only do an all vaccinated cruise as would most all the older generation.
  3. those days are not over yet. still in a pandemic and if you think otherwise you sadly are not too bright. open your eyes to what is happening around the world. volunteer to go help in India.
  4. we always eat at the Steakhouse once on every cruise. food is amazing and the whole experience is well worth the money, we have been to the Steakhouse on 4 or 5 ships, but several times on some of them. our favorite is the Pride and David's Steakhouse.
  5. there are many more who will have a serious or life threatening issue from eating a peanut than from getting this vaccine. food allergies are way more deadly than vaccines.
  6. one known positive onboard will be enough to cause all ports of call to not let the ship dock there. then when coming home all may have to be tested and/or quarantined before allowed into the states.
  7. the state can't tell Carnival what their requirements to board the ships are. if Carnival says you need to be vaccinated then they can keep you off the ship if you are not.
  8. state governments will not be allowed to tell private business whether they can or can't require vaccinations. courts will never accept that from the states. private business can make the rules for their business to protect themselves and their customers as they see fit.
  9. we liked going out of Charleston, and the Sunshine is our favorite ship. we have cruised from there 3 times with the last one being just a couple weeks before cruising stopped. hope to go from there again, but out next three we have booked are on other ships and ports.
  10. i wear my RIKI TIKI TAVERN tee shirt often. we cruise out of Canaveral often. in fact 2 out of the next 3 we have booked leave from there and we usually hit the pier while in town.
  11. hopefully the cruise lines will be smarter than the governor of Florida. it is their business that will be destroyed when they have an outbreak on the ship from people that do not care about others. the state of Florida should have no say in the rules of any company trying to keep their customers safe. it should be well known by now that the vaccines work and masking and distancing as well. hopefully in a year or so the pandemic will be gone and none of this will be required, but for now need to do the right thing and follow the guidelines in place to keep all safe and healthy.
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