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  1. I would have been more forgiving if there had been no flights that would have allowed the narrative to be true. Our major problem with our trip to the Galapagos was on the first day. We were not told what we would be doing that day until 36 hours prior to the start of our post cruise extension. Instead of being flown to Guayaquil at a reasonable hour and having the afternoon to enjoy Guayaquil and an evening group dinner at the hotel as promised, we were given another tour of Valparaiso (which we had done the day before) and a tour of a winery in Casablanca valley which was the same winery
  2. The day we arrived in Guayaquil and the day we left the Galapagos and arrived in Quito in no way matched the narratives on the Viking site. I complained to Viking about this several times and to many many people. We did get small compensation from Viking for the misrepresentation. Lesson learned and I no longer trust the Viking narratives as much as I once did. Our flight from Baltra Island didn't leave until around 1:30. We didn't get to Quito until after 5 and didn't get to the hotel until 7:00 pm. Many people with us had flights out around mid-night. They got to the hotel in time to
  3. We did the Galapagos extension with Viking after our South American cruise in January. A few things I can tell you. The sun is intense and there is no shade on most islands. Sunscreen, hat and water are musts. The locals wear long pants and long sleeved shirts both in light colors and breathable fabrics. The also have cotton neck gators to protect the lower part of their faces from the sun. I was very happy I had along hiking pants and boots, but wished I had the long sleeved shirts the guides had. There was a weight limit for suitcases going to the Galapagos and
  4. I second SM77 post that you look at "Live from Jupiter" board. I found her posts most helpful when we were planning our trip and so after our trip I posted reviews of the excursions we took. Most of our excursions were optional ones offered by Viking. I will highly recommend a private excursion we did in Valparaiso. It is call Patatour Chile and we were able to tour Valparaiso with a local using local transportation and saw many sights that no one else on the cruise was able to see such as the fish market and fruit market. We also got to meet many locals along the way. That tour cost $60
  5. On our cruise we had one rough sea day, the day we went between the Falklands and Cape Horn. We had "ideal" conditions going around Cape Horn. The crew claimed it was the best weather they had seen going around the Horn. It was windy and cloudy with some light rain and rainbows at times, but the sea were too bad. The day before had been much rougher. We could see the lighthouse and monument at the southern part of the Cape. As far as seeing animals, we saw many more animals on our Patagonia pre-extension and our Galapagos post extension. While on the cruise we did see pengui
  6. The sea days question is tough to answer. I like sea days. I found plenty to do on board between lectures, trivia, spa, dome, food and etc. A couple we traveled with didn't like the sea days and as a result found the trip pretty boring. So it is all in what you like. The fjords were very pretty. One issue that came up for us was one of the days that was listed as scenic fjord cruising found us out to sea a lot of the day. This was because there is an area in the fjords where there is no way to get through and the ship has to leave the fjords, go around a point and re-enter the fjords.
  7. We just returned from this trip and since I found all the posts here to be helpful in planning our trip I thought I would add a few reviews of my own. First we did the Patagonia Pre-extension. Great extension! We had a fantastic guide, Andrea, and we saw so many beautiful sights. I highly recommend! Buenos Aires: We did the bike tour. I think it should go without saying that if you choose this tour you should be able to ride a bike...apparently some on our trip didn't get that message, but that aside it was a great way to see the city. We road on bike trails and
  8. Thank you for all your great posts. We are boarding on Jan 7th and I am finding all your posts to be extremely helpful in planning our trip.
  9. We have been to Seward three times and Seward is a very beautiful small city with a free bus shuttle and inexpensive taxis. Booking an excursion on your own would be pretty easy. The Alaska SeaLife center is the included excursion and it is a wonderful but very small aquarium that focuses on research. I would highly recommend an extra tour if you choose to go there (ie behind the scenes, or an encounter such as the sea otter encounter). We have had the privilege of going on two different tours with Kenai Fjords National Park Tour and both were fantastic. We saw whales, sea lions, otters a
  10. Still on the fence about going to Volunteer Point. I love penguins but hate off roading. It seems there may be other opportunities to see penguins both in Falklands and other ports. I am curious as to what makes Volunteer Point so special and should I consider going since I hate off roading (and chopped eggs...but I could get a boxed lunch on the ship to avoid the dreaded chopped egg 🙂 ) Also Zdiva my husband and I will be on the Jan 7th trip with you.
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