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  1. Had a rough time getting tests lining up some stress there, but really sweated a delay in rapid test getting on the boat. Once on. It was wonderful.
  2. I can't be quiet enough for the Admiral so I look for a stealthy escape path to secure coffee and watch sunrises 😁
  3. That suite looks awesome. I bet it will be highly rat ed!
  4. We shall be down the hall, a bit below the salt, but not too far😁
  5. Totally excited for being on the ship! Er, in 695 more days...
  6. We are hoping for the bed by the balcony set up. Fingers crossed!
  7. That coffee is sliiiightly better than Army coffee. Effective but execrable
  8. Mykynos and Santorini are largely workable by foot. Unless you really want to hit the beach or go to Oia for the sunset foot travel will probably suffice. Olympia site need S travel, Athens has you docked far from the step as well. Not sure about the other ports. We just got back and had a great time
  9. Nice! We have a similar plan in a few years. Was hoping to find a way to rent the oly house to military members when we do. I'll check out the YouTube.
  10. Other hand, I've heard it said, its just as hard for the weight of lead. Loved those days. Spring and fall tour season in New England. Living in Olympia now, but haven't seen their new incarnation
  11. Premier league for the win! Oops wrong football
  12. Neat idea, but agree. Maybe if I win PowerBall. STILL hoping our plans work out, though recent inflation is worrisome. No kids, so no need for a legacy
  13. A happy wave from you when you disembark and we pass you getting on Sept 23!
  14. We were midship on 8 and loved it for the Panama canal
  15. We are still on for 9/23 getaway. Damn the spike proteins, full speed ahead!
  16. We are on the one after, but not going through the Uk
  17. We can use sharpies to write your name and room number on you if you are face down.
  18. Had enough fear shoved down my throat for the last 18 months to last for 2 lifetimes. No and would go tomorrow. Getaway 9/23 for the win
  19. That was ut we were in a group
  20. I remember signing up at a desk
  21. The Bliss was great! We were able to get show reservations on board but did so right after boarding
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