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  1. We have just booked our next Cruise on Ventura N019 Spain and Portugal for July 2020. It's a long way off, but still can't wait. A really bizarre thing happened when I made the booking, I had already looked online to get prices etc. and then I called P&O. During the phone call, I had left the page open on my computer, just so I could make sure that the price I got on the phone was the same price on the internet. The bizarre thing was, when the lady at P&O asked if I had a specific cabin in mind, I said 'no, as long as it's a mid ship balcony cabin'. She then said 'No problem, I can offer you cabin number C510'. When I looked back at the computer, this was the exact cabin that was selected on there. There were other options of cabins in the same area, so it was very strange that this was the exact cabin she had offered me. The story doesn't end there, because we had been on the Azura from 4th May this year, to France and Spain. Guess what cabin we had on that cruise? Yes, you guessed it, Cabin number C510. This is all a bit weird, but I just hope it's a good Omen!
  2. Good afternoon everyone, We have just returned from our second ever cruise, which was on P&O Azura and we are now considering trying MSC for a change. We have been looking at a cruise for next year to Bruges, Amsterdam and France Etc. We have obviously not tried MSC before and know very little about this company or the ship, so any hints, tips and reviews would be very gratefully received Especially if you have recently returned from the Preziosa. Thank you.
  3. I will be 59 on 3rd May, day before we embark on Azura. Other half is 46.
  4. Luckily, I have 6 of those, so the buffet is not an issue for me!!
  5. We were on Ventura last May and it was scheduled to go to Guernsey. When we saw the queue of people waiting to get on the Tenders we decided not to bother. Really glad we didn't bother because when people came back on board later that day, most of them were complaining about the ridiculous waiting time for Tenders. One guy said that over a period of 5 hours, he had only spent one hour ashore, the rest of the time was waiting for tenders to Guernsey and then waiting to get back to the ship. not my idea of fun, partly because I hate queueing up for anything at the best of times. We are booked on Azura in 3 weeks, which again is scheduled for a Guernsey stop, but to be honest, I don't know if I can be bothered. If we do book a future cruise, it will definitely not include Guernsey. I know it's probably a lovely place to visit, but not exciting enough for me to waste 4 or five hours of my life in a queue.
  6. We had a boring and almost invisible captain on the Ventura in May last year. Can't remember what his name was, so that just shows the amount of impact he had on us. I was really hoping that this May on Azura, it would be a more interesting captain. Maybe someone like Camby or Willard. They seem to be the main ones that crop up often with rave reviews and happy cruisers.
  7. I really wish that I had seen these posts before I booked my cruise on Azura, which is in less than 5 weeks time. I might have decided to go with another company had I seen all of the issues that seem to be happening on Azura. I can only hope that some of these issues are sorted out before we go. This will only be our second ever cruise. Last year we went on Ventura and the cabin seemed fine. Yes there were signs of wear, but to be honest, due to the amount of people that stay in these cabins, you would expect those signs. Having said that, I would also expect everything in the cabin to be working correctly and also, not to find any bad smells. I am really looking forward to our cruise and I am going to try my best not to let these posts sway my judgement. I wont even bother showing them to my other half and will hope that all is fine when we go.
  8. Sounds like you may be going on the same cruise as us. Azura, 4th May? We will only be taking about 100 Euros, which is the same amount we took when we went on Ventura last year. We actually came back with 45 Euros last year.
  9. I have just re-tested a multi port USB travel plug that I bought a while ago. It has three USB ports and a lift up third pin, which I assume is designed for making the plug more compact when the third pin is pushed down. I plugged my Sony Mobile phone in and also 2 x vape machines. Within ten minutes of being plugged in all of the items started flashing and the plug itself started getting quite hot. I will assume that the plug itself is faulty and will be going in the bin. I have just ordered another multi port USB plug from ebay, which is from a company in Nottingham. Whether the plug has actually been manufactured in the UK is unknown. One thing is for sure, I will test it thoroughly before we go on our cruise and I will definitely not be leaving anything charging when we are not in our cabin. Basically, my advice to anyone would be that if you want to charge a number of items at the same time, whether using a multi port USB plug or an extension lead, please make sure to test it well before taking it on a cruise.
  10. Thanks for that, but i did actually buy one of those after our cruise last May. I tried it after it arrived and I think it's faulty because when you plug a couple of items in to charge they just keep flashing. maybe I should try to get a better quality one.
  11. Thanks for your feedback. I think I will give it a miss. I'm sure we will be able to manage with the two or three sockets in the cabin. I don't really want to cause any problems for the sake of a mobile charge up. I would rather just enjoy my cruise without any stress.
  12. I'm sure that this question has probably been answered before but I can't find any posts about it. I was just wondering if I would be allowed to take a small extension lead with us when we go on board Azura in May. I know that there are not many plug sockets in the cabins, so I was hoping to take a small 4 socket lead with me to be able to keep phones, tablets video recorder and other bits charged. Obviously I would not leave it plugged in when we are not in the room just to be on the safe side.
  13. I am also booked on Azura from 4th to 11th May, so I would be interested to find out who it will be too?
  14. I know that cruisers have asked this question for some of the other ships and often not been able to find out, but I just wondered if anyone knows who the Azura Captain will be from 4th May 2019? I have read many posts on this subject and some say the captain on a cruise can make all the difference, others say it doesn't matter. To be honest, I really couldn't care less, as long as the captain gets us safely from A to B, C and D etc. Then home. However, just out of curiosity, I would like to try to find out. I can't even remember the name of the captain we had on Ventura last May. All I remember is that it was very difficult to work out what he was saying during any announcements. Not sure if this was due to his accent or the poor quality of the speakers in our cabin. It could have been a combination of both. Plus, my hearing is pretty rubbish, which doesn't help. Anyway, it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction if there is a way to find out who the Capt is.
  15. By the way, feel free to join in on the roll call that I started for this cruise!
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