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  1. Thank you to everyone for your feedback and comments. Can't say that I am convinced to book now. I was aiming to get a balcony cabin on Ventura for the 5 night break to Hamburg and Belgium, but at a cost of £2400, I'm not sure it would be worth it, especially if it's mega busy, under staffed and not much to see if the weather is rubbish. I might have to look at some different options to celebrate New Year 2021. I definitely want to do something next year, because I really don't think there will be much happening anywhere this New Years Eve.
  2. Hi everyone, I am considering booking the New Year cruise for December next year, which is going to Hamburg and Belgium. I've not been on one of these before, but I have heard that they are pretty amazing with a phenomenal firework display in Hamburg. Just wondered if anyone on here had experienced one of these cruises and could give some pointers about them. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have never used a T/A I have only ever booked direct with P&O. they have always been very helpful and the deals have always been pretty fair, especially with the OBC. Obviously, a bit more difficult to get through on the phone at the moment, but I will still only book direct with them. Mind you, only if they manage to sort out the problem I currently have with my booking on Britannia for next April.
  4. It's Cruise park southampton. Unless there is another that has closed down. They emailed me the other day to say that they have to close because of theCovid 19 and the impact it has had on their business. I had parking booked with them for my cruise starting tomorrow, which obviously got cancelled. The cruise company issued me with a credit for parking with them in the future. They are now going to give me a refund, which hopefully I will get. Real shame that they had to close though.
  5. Really sorry, I wasn't aware that members were not allowed to share contact information for P&O. I wasn't asking for the name of the person. I was just trying to find out how to get in touch with someone from Paul Ludlow's department. Guess I will just have do some investigative work and find this info myself. Thanks for letting me know.
  6. I forgot to ask a few questions. Which cruise were you booked on, had you already paid for the cruise in full and can you please give me the contact details of the person you communicated with in Paul Ludlow's department. Many thanks
  7. Really sorry to hear that this has also happened to you. I am now getting concerned that maybe this is happening on purpose. did you initiallly ask for a refund and complete the form online, or did you only request the FCC? I have emailed P&O and realise that when I do eventually get a reply, it will be shrigged off as 'sorry, there is nothing we can do'. This would effectively mean that if I do choose to keep my booking, it will cost me a further £543. Obviously more money in their bank account and less in mine. I am like a dog with a bone, so I wont stop fighting for what was effectively my incentive to book another cruise with them. They offered the 125% FCC, so they should honour it. The fact that they made the mistake of refunding my money is their problem and not mine. They should still do the right thing. Like I explained in my email to them. I am not asking for the FCC and the refund, I simply want what they promised, which was the FCC. Obviously, I will post any updates on here, but after reading your post, I don't hold up much hope. It will be interesting to find out over the coming weeks, if this has happened to other guests of P&O. Trouble is, there will be thousands and thousands of P&O guests that are not members on this site. Maybe I should flood other social media sites asking if anyone else finds themselves in the same situation. This is something I will consider doing if the response comes back without a resolve.
  8. I will definitely go down the route that you have suggested. However, I would have no clue how to contact Paul Ludlow's office. All I have are a series of telephone numbers for P&O customer services and several email addresses, also for Customer Service. the lady on the phone did say that I was one of the first people that had telephoned to complain about a refund I didn't want and she saw the funny side of that. Obviously, I wasn't laughing, but I can appreciate how weird my phone call must have been. I bet when she answered and I said 'I need to speak to you about my refund', she probably thought 'Oh no, here we go again'. I hope that I will be able to look back and laugh about this when I eventually get on my next cruise. thanks again for your advice.
  9. Thank you for that advice. I do however, have to consider the fact that I talked my sister into joining us on that particular cruise and she has paid a substantial amount of money for it already. I have looked at other lines. I was considering MSC, but since reading so many negative posts about the ridiculous way they are treating their passengers, I decided against it. I will continue to look at my options though.
  10. You are absolutely correct Selbourne. I will effectively be about £550 out of pocket by not being able to have the 25% from the FCC. Plus the fact, I would probably not have gone for the 13 night cruise, I usually only take 7 night cruises to keep the cost down. I was swayed towards the 13 night because with the extra 25% from the FCC it would make the 13 night more affordable to me. After making the booking I also talked my sister into coming with us on this cruise. she is a solo traveller and has never cruised before. If I was to cancel, there is a good chance that she would too because I don't think she would be confident enough to go on her own. If she cancels, she will definitely lose money. Not a good situation.
  11. I am putting this out there, just in case it has happened to anyone else. My July 2020 cruise was cancelled, so Initially, I opted for the refund. A couple of days later, I realised that perhaps I had been a bit hasty. I contacted P&O and asked if I could change my mind and have the Future Cruise Credit instead. They agreed to this and sent me an email confirming that my refund request had been reversed and the FCC would be applied to the new cruise that I have booked for April next year. On Saturday 4th July, I logged into my P&O account to pay the remaining balance for the new cruise. I wanted to get the final bit paid just so it was another thing I didn't need to worry about. The new cruise was more expensive because I was going from a 7 night cruise this year to a 13 night next year. After paying the balance, it said that my partial payment had gone through and now the remaining balance was almost £3000. I rang P&O as soon as the office opened on Monday 6th July. I explained the situation to the lady and she checked through the details. She came back and said 'We have already issued your refund, so you cannot have the FCC applied to your new cruise'. I checked my account while on the phone to her and sure enough, there it was in my credit card account. I didn't realise this money had been refunded because it's on my credit card account, which I hardly ever use, and therefore, don't need to look into this account often. I explained to the lady that I didn't want the refund, I wanted the FCC and this had been agreed via email on 1st May. I also told her that I had not received any communication from P&O to let me know that the refund had been made. She again stated that there was nothing she could do about it, so I could either pay the full cost of the cruise or, if I wanted to, I could cancel the cruise. Cancelling is not really an option because of all the arrangements I have already made for the dates of the new cruise. She said that she would speak to her team leader and see if they could do something. Later that day, she called me back and said that her team leader agreed, it was not possible for me to have the FCC because the refund has already been made. She suggested that I should write to P&O customer services explaining the situation in the hope that they may be able to resolve it, but she was not confident that anything could be done. This error was caused by Admin at P&O, but it looks like it's me that will have to end up out of pocket. this is not the end of the story and quite possible that they could come back with a suitable resolution. I'm not holding my breath, but I will give them the benefit of doubt for now. I sent a very long and accurate email to them last night, but was advised that it could take up to 28 days for a reply. I know they are extremely busy at this time, and I do appreciate that this is not an urgent matter compared to some of the other things they need to be dealing with. I am quite happy to wait, even though it will be playing on my mind until it gets resolved. In summary, the new cruise, which should have only cost me a further £335 could potentially now cost me a further £880. Not a happy bunny, but lets wait and see. Please let me know if this has happened to anyone else. I am sure it is a simple error by P&O and really hope this is not some sort of clever ploy to get people to part with more money for cruises already booked.
  12. I absolutely agree that keeping safe and well is the most important thing. I think everyone wishes that this horrible virus would do one, and let us all get back to trying to enjoy life. One day, there will be a vaccine, but I'm still not convinced it will provide the be all and end all for this horrible disease. We can only hope!
  13. I may be jumping the gun here, so we will have to wait for official confirmation, but I was considering booking on the Preziosa Northern Europe cruise from 7th to 14th October 2020. I realise that I was being very optimistic, which is why I was holding back from making the booking. It now looks like my decision to wait was justified. I went on the MSC website this morning and put Southampton in as the departure port and then looked at the sailing dates. There were no dates available until april 2021, so I have to assume that this means Preziosa will not be running any cruises sailing from Southampton this year. Such a shame because I have already had two cruises cancelled this year. It is what it is, and although lots of people would say, why even consider booking for this year, my answer would be that after such a rubbish year, it would be nice to have something to look forward to.
  14. Wow! I am surprised by that. Most people have said that the shows on MSC were generally better than P&O. I have been on P&O cruises twice and their shows were great, so I was expecting to be even more impressed on an MSC cruise.
  15. I have already asked several questions about this ship and had some fantastic answers, but I have more questions, which I am hoping some of you lovely people could answer. I realise that they have two shows per night in the main theatre, but I was wondering if they have any other entertainment in any other venues as well? If not or should I say, also, do they have any type of nightlife or late club on Preziosa? Just thinking of somewhere to go after the last show for late night drinks and dancing etc. This was what we did on Ventura and Azura, but I wasn't sure if they had any similar format on MSC ships. Thanks
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