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  1. CMV has extended the suspension of cruises until at least 30 June.
  2. The intention was certainly not to give any slight. I am sorry if that has been the case. It was, perhaps, a clumsy sentence so I will do my best to be more careful in future.
  3. Actually, I don't think that I said that I "take no interest", just that I basically mind my own business.
  4. I find myself in a quandry too. I am booked on the January 2021 world cruise and am due to pay the remainder of the monies (around £11.5K) by mid August. If I decide to go ahead and the cruise is cancelled I, no doubt, will face many months trying to get it back if the experience so far is anything to go by or be offered this FCC of 125% perhaps. If, by some chance and I wouldn't rule it out totally, CMV stop operating altogether I will lose the lot. I am torn between paying the full amount or pulling out and losing my £1.5K deposit. If only CMV were as upfront and as reasonable as some other companies. I accept my concerns may seem premature but they are running around my head constantly reading comments of others on this forum and, in the age of self isolation, not having too many other distractions.
  5. From my own experience on Columbus nobody batted an eye at people in the MDR on formal nights who were wearing a decent collared shirt and tailored trousers. Most are just interested inwhat's going on in their own parties.
  6. I am sorry that CMV are being so tardy in letting people know what is going on. It is not good enough and damages the reputation of the company if they are not keeping their customers fully informed of developments even in an uncertain age such as we are in presently.
  7. Hi, Re.excursions. I went on 26 ship organised excursions during my world trip on Columbus in 2018 and the average cost for a half day one was in the range of £39 - £49. I only went on one full day excursion and that was to Petra. Including the 5 hour coach round trip, buffet lunch and a guided tour the total cost was £129. Not cheap but I would have paid more just to visit this amazing site. In general, the excursions were well organised and did what the brochure said it would. No complaints.
  8. I was a first time cruiser when I went on Columbus's round the world trip in 2018. It was a great 4 months experience: the crew were very attentive, the cabins were spacious and the staff were forever sanitizing the surfaces within the ship which was reassuring. In my view the overall service was excellent. There were plenty of onboard activities every day e.g quizzes, dance classes, craft activities, choirs etc. The food was invariably tasty and with plenty of choices even though it might not have been classed as luxury. No, it's not Cunard or, perhaps, some of the American based cruise lines but it offers value for money which is going to become increasingly important in the post COVID-19 days. I get fed up with people on this forum slagging off CMV: unfortunately some expect 5* service for what are unashamedly 3* prices and facilities. Get a life people!
  9. If those over 70 are advised not to cruise, and they take heed of that advice, then I foresee a number of cruise lines going bust.
  10. That's a pity, I'm currently booked on a cruise in January 2021!!!
  11. Nice pics - thanks. I am booked on the world cruise on Columbus in January but am having second thoughts at present in the light of what has happened with this year's cruise. However, still plenty of time to make my mind up one way or another.
  12. Are the Canadian ports different enough from one another?
  13. I am booked on CMV's world cruise in January 2021 but am now considering seriously whether to cancel that and take a couple of shorter cruises that year with P&O who obviously know how to treat their guests somewhat more kindly.
  14. CMV are going to lose a lot of potential and existing passengers unless they copy the likes of P&O and show a little more humanity. If they don't show they care more about their passengers than simply their own bottom line, in years to come, I suspect they will deeply regret the loss of goodwill and loyalty that they have tried to build up during their existence. Poor show.
  15. Hi Evesham; sorry I did not read your request correctly - blame old age and failing eyesight! Hope you enjoy your trip. I have a friend who has travelled on Marco Polo a number of times and has pretty much enjoyed all the voyages.
  16. Deck 7 on Columbus is a delightful deck (if I have understood correctly what you mean as I am quite new to cruising) and I attach a picture.
  17. Whilst understandable because of a lost holiday, it does seem rather harsh to blame CMV too much: they are in the same position as other cruise lines in that countries keep shutting doors without any notice. Some decisions therefore have to made on the hoof. Having said that communications is the name of the game and so passengers should be kept abreast of developments asap and not have to rely on forums such as this for current information.
  18. Hi, I travelled on the 2018 world cruise in a solo inside cabin midships on Deck 10 and I found it quiet enough. There were occasional noises from the corridor of course but these, in my experience over the 4 months' voyage, were more than tolerable. Friends of mine had a double inside cabin towards aft on Deck 11 and I understood found it similar to mine in terms of noise. I did hear some noise when the tenders were being lowered but that caused me no angst on those rare occasions when it happened. In general, I didn't hear any complaints about noise and people, I met, seemed satisfied with their cabins. Others who had cabins elsewhere on the ship might have had a different experience so I can only really speak for myself. PS. I enjoyed it so much I am already booked on the 2021 trip in another solo cabin on Deck 10 so I can't have been too bothered with noise can I? Incidentally, I have no hearing problems!
  19. Having only limited experience I would be interested to know from others if CMV's medical costs are higher than other cruise lines or if they are very much of a muchness across the board
  20. My reference to 5* was merely a general comment on previous postings which were not overly complimentary about the Columbus's cabins. It had nothing to do with categories but merely other people's perception values. I'll let others answer your question directly. Enjoy your cruise.
  21. As someone who had 4 months on Columbus in a solo cabin I can attest that they are very comfortable and am looking forward to repeat the holiday in 2021. People often want 5* cabins for 3* prices - have nothing to do with them!
  22. Sorry to hear that as Shanghai is a particularly interesting city.
  23. I see quite a number of cruise lines have altered their schedules to avoid, at present at least, berthing at any Chinese ports but have heard nothing about CMV. I know the current Columbus World Cruise is due to visit 2 ports in China plus Hong Kong in March and wonder if they, too, will be cancelled.
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