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  1. They can be down for like an hour during 4 or 5 am on some of the cruises that I have been on. YMMV
  2. I saw that there are some cruises out of FL in April, and I am thinking about booking them. Any guesses on if they will cancel the trips to the Caribbean in April 2021? I have to book PTO, and it is a headache to reschedule it. Thanks for any input or feedback (Before anyone chastises me for cruising during a pandemic, I am fully vaccinated and in my 30s, so I am low risk for COVID.)
  3. joy has a huge hot tub which i like Never been on epic
  4. This is all just speculation, which I get is the point of finance But it is hard to speculate how the cruise industry will do when doctors cannot even agree on how the virus is transmitted. Some doctors are urging the Who to categorize it as aerosolized vs droplet, which is a BFD for us in the medical field bc it changes a WHOLE lotta things. Let's see how the virus does when cruises open up again.
  5. I've stayed in both. It depends on who you are. It sounds like you would prefer on the inside based on your prior stays.
  6. You bring up an interesting point that I have been thinking about for quite some time. IDK if it is possible to cut down on the number of staff working on the ship bc of servers at the buffet, more cleaning, and hopefully more medical staff.
  7. Huge fan of NCL, as it is my favorite line. But I do have to admit that they penny pinch a lot, which benefits me bc of lowish cruise fares. But now I am speculating how bad the penny pinching will get now with the coronavirus cutting deep into their profit margins. Any speculations? My first guess would be that all free specialty restaurants, like ?Shanghai, will get a cover charge.
  8. How do you find a good TA? Mine called me accidentally when I was in clinic. He asked me for the phone number of the person he was trying to reach. In the middle of me looking it up for him, he hung up on me. I was PO'ed. He bothered me in between me seeing patients and had the audacity to hung up on me when I tried to help him. FML.
  9. Do cruise lines use NP? And 1 MD/1000 guests is still ~3-6 MDs per ship, which is sometimes less than than the usual 2-3 per ship.
  10. More doctors will be needed to manage patients on the vent. ICU medicine can get very stressful when you have to intubate, deal with tons of pressors, stabilizing crashing pts, and etc. Drs get fatigued too, and ICU pts need 24 hour care. Drs can't stay mentally sharp 24/7. So having more hands on deck would be very helpful. But it is very cost prohibited. Most cruise ship doctors are not intensivists either, so it can be even more stressful caring for patients in a field that you haven't done a fellowship in. One of my friends in the states is training in emergency medicine. He h
  11. Please see the highlighted words in red in my post. Also, I am just saying that CCL should treat their loyal customers (us) well bc it will be us who will be rebuilding their empire. Geez. Calm down people. No need to jump down each other's throats.
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