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  1. I'm glad you came to this realization.
  2. Has the grilled skirt steak always been there? I don't remember seeing a steak option on the Joy on oct 2019
  3. I haven't bought shares yet. I'll see what the stock prices do during the next 2 weeks to decide if I will purchase or not. TY for your help.
  4. Thanks. Do they really only require 15 days before the cruise for them to award the OBC? How fast is the turn around?
  5. Thanks. I plan to buy some stock from carnival and maybe ncl in the near future, as I speculate prices may go down across the board. The problem is that the shareholder OBC is less than the free at sea. I always use the 3/4 person being free. So it wouldn't make sense for me to get the shareholder OBC bc the free at sea is just a better deal, IF I am reading the terms and conditions correctly. That is a big if on my part
  6. I'm very happy to hear that she's ok. She's very lucky to have survived. It's good to hear happy endings to these potentially life threatening events. Best wishes
  7. I didn't know that NCL gave OBC for share holders. I always use the free at sea benefits, so it wouldn't benefit me at all. Meh.
  8. I've seen the topic where people bought accessories for the medallion that can be $40 on the ship. It now makes sense financially why they did it.
  9. Wow...they are literally giving out thousands of medallions weekly. That must be very expensive.
  10. I cannot read 62 pages for the answer to my question. Do you keep the medallion after the cruise? Or do you turn it in? Do you use the same medallion on your next cruise? Please let me know. Thank you.
  11. with browsers, I use private browsing to prevent me from getting weird targeted ads. I am in the generation behind you. I am not demanding this kind of technology.
  12. That is kind of weird and scary that technology can do that.
  13. I was on the joy last month. That was my experience also
  14. Geez. Is that how much it is for insurance? 400 sounds like a lot for one or two ppl. I don't buy insurance. I like to roll the dice.
  15. I very much agree with this statement. But I wanted the OP to come to that conclusion on their own. lol. When I first heard this, I vehemently disagreed until I tried other cruise lines. It was bc of this opinion that squashed any brand loyalty out of me. So I always focus on price first.
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