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    chocoholic buffet??

    We enjoyed the chocolate, midnight buffet on the Enchantment in 2005... although... there isn't the "good" chocolate like brownies. It's was "fancy" chocolate... good, but not great. I have better chocolate at home. But wouldn't pass a chocolate buffet by at any time of day!
  2. I am envious of all of you that are within a few hours driving distance of a port! We live in Minnesota and it costs us the same amount or more to fly down to any port as it does for the whole cruise! :( It is such a good deal for you that pay $30.00 or less to drive and then some for parking. It's costing me $450 each for my wife and I to fly from Minneapolis to Orlando... outrageous... but then, that's what I like about cruising... it's such a good value (even with airfare). But I still am jealous of you all that live within driving distance of a port! :D Lucky you!!!!!!
  3. I've never tried lobster in my 50 years... hope they have it on our 4-day SOS cruise in February.
  4. dino76

    Kicked Off Ship

    I have been to Labadee once, while on a mission trip to Haiti. So I've been through the great wall (from outside and back). And we were lucky enough to drive to Labadee to enjoy the beach and go for a swim. The people of Haiti are wonderful, kind and gentle people. Yeah, there were soldiers as checkpoints with machine guns, and of course the witch doctors all around the countryside, but other than that.... I remember the "long drive" through Cap Hatien and through the countryside to get there... the roads were horrendous, as we were travelling in the back of a large cattle truck. It was much easier to stand and hold on rather than sit on the plank benches. It probably wasn't very far in miles, but in time, because of the traffic and people in Cap Hatien and the windy roads to the beach... it seemed like forever. The cruiseline would have to have some kind of contact to take the offenders to. There is no way to leave somebody at Labadee. I've often wondered if people actually understand when they are in Labadee that they are in Haiti (the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere)????? :p
  5. dino76

    Being close to port envy!

    Because of our distance, we only cruise every other year... I see so many posters doing 2, 3 or 4 a year... WOW... what a life! If you live close by the port, it's such a inexpensive way to have fun, see new places and meet new people! And no... we have always flown in the day of the cruise... never had a problem. I suppose there is always a first time, but isn't that what cruise insurance is all about? We actually have a hotel in Minneapolis the night before, just in case we have a snow system coming in, so we can go up early the day before and camp out and wait for the flight out!!!! Our last cruise, we left home in late March, with a perfectly clear sky... lots of stars and suddenly we were driving through a blinding snowstorm... For 10 minutes, we could barely see or stay on the road, and then it was clear again! Very freaky, but this IS Minnesota. Wish we could move closer to a port, but I own my own business and can't just transfer or sell it. And, my kids all live in Colorado now... I guess i would move there if I moved anywhere, and i don't think they are putting any new ports in Colorado Springs or Denver! :)
  6. dino76

    I'm ruined for life!!!

    Crusing IS addicting and the BEST VALUE for any vacation! Where else can you enjoy an exotic beach, formal dinner, walk across the ship to see a show, dance and eat some more and not have to drive. WE LOVE IT!!!!!! :)
  7. We are booked to cruise out of Port Canavaral and we are flying into the Orlando airport. We have the RCCL transfer booked with our trip. How does that all work? Are they pretty efficient? Please let me know your experiences - good or bad???? THANKS!
  8. by the way... does anyone know why my cruise critic clock isn't show up in my signature???? Just a question mark..... Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS.
  9. I don't want to drive... I will have driven 2 hours to the airport and once I get on the plane... I'm on vacation and don't want other people to get me around. We've got the transfers with our trip, so we will just go with the flow... we will get to the ship when we get there... hopefully earlier than later... but we will enjoy the trip none-the-less. :)
  10. dino76

    Key West

    Was a great place to "park". So handy to downtown shopping! We loved Key West... took the bike tour... was great... got to really see the town and got a little exercise. Was too easy of a bike tour for us - but good for all ages and experience!
  11. Anybody know the menus on SOS (4 day cruise)?????
  12. dino76

    Sovereign 4 day menus?????

    Thanks so much for sharing the menus... I appreciate the help!!!!!
  13. Don't people realize and understand that if you cruise in hurricane season, you might run into a hurricane or at least, a tropical storm. What do they expect? RCCL doesn't control the weather. People need to learn to roll with the punches... or in this case, roll with the waves!!!!!! :)
  14. So... where does the price cut come from? How do you find out about it? Do you have to check somewhere? What if you booked through a TA?
  15. My wife and I are 50 and 51 and healthy. We are signed up for a 4 day cruise in February on SOS. What do you advise... insurance or no insurance??? And if so, what kind and why? Your advice will be greatly appreciated as I am clueless! We have cruised twice before - 2 years ago and 20 years ago and have never gotten any.
  16. WOW... I never imagined there would be so much conversation on this topic... this is great! Being the originator of this thread, in some ways I am more confused and don't know what to do. As far as the $2,000.00 for the trip, if something happened and I couldn't go... it wouldn't hurt me financially. To me, that's part of life and you can't insure everything (actually, I guess you can), but there is a cost! But I am definitely checking on our health insurance and what it covers on the cruise/out of the country. But then again, my parents and wife's mother are older and you never know if something might happen to one of them while we are gone and have to rush/fly home. If you do buy insurance, why don't you buy from RCCL??????
  17. We are booked on the RCCL shuttle after we arrive in Orlando to get out to the Port? Anybody do this before? How long does it take? Is it pretty easy to find them to get there? How about the return trip to the airport after the cruise? Any advice from previous travelers that have done this?
  18. So... we are booked in February 2008 for a 4 day cruise. I'm hearing lots of negatives... should we look for another cruise, or go ahead with our cruise? I don't want to waste our money on a "sure bad thing", but I think we are pretty positive people and don't knitpick either and just enjoy experiencing new places and things. We have cruised on Enchantment 2 years ago and enjoyed it immensely!
  19. dino76

    What Time Do You Board?

    We board as early as we can... but all depends on when our flight gets in and when the shuttle gets us from the airport to the port. By the time we get there, it's been a long day (usually leaving home at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. to drive 1-1/2 hours to the airport and then flying out around 6:00 a.m.
  20. We have never had cruise insurance for our 2 cruises before. Should we for our 2008 cruise? Is it worth it? What would you suggest for a 4 night cruise? I have no clue what to get, and even if we should. HELP please!!!!!!:confused:
  21. Going to cruise to Nassau and wondering if anyone has a website where I can order a visitor's guide/booklet that tells everything about Nassau. I know that years and years ago when we were there we found a book there AFTER we were ready to get back on the ship... too late to help us out. I would like to order one ahead of time, but cannot find a website to do so. Anybody out there able to help????
  22. dino76

    Nassau tourist/cvb info visitor's book

    THANKS SO MUCH... got the guide ordered!!!!
  23. Anyone recently been on a 4 night Sovereign cruise? If so, did they have a midnight buffet? Chocolate buffet???? Inquiring minds want to know! :)
  24. dino76

    Dueling Pianos

    That's too bad... never seen it - heard lots of good things and were looking forward to dualing pianos!
  25. I've been on 2 cruises... a 3 day on Carnival 20 years ago and a 4 day on RCCL 2 years ago. It's hard to compare the 2 experiences... Carnival was such a party boat and Enchantment so friendly and enjoyable. We are actually doing another 4 day (this time on Sovereign). I like the 4 day... 7 days seems like you would need a vacation after the vacation. By the 4th day, we were so tired last time because there was sooooo much to do and we tried to get it all in. This time we are going to do the cruise in a more relaxed mode.