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  1. I’m sailing end of Nov and allll my activities popped up about 100 days out but I hear this changes ship to ship and sailing to sailing. Dreamworks breakfast was available and still is to book. I’ve also heard the rumors of the relationship ending but have not seen anything official or even heard of ppl reporting that they don’t see it along with the other activities on the cruise planner.
  2. I am also new to cruising and will be on a ship in January. I’m not sure what kind of details you’re looking for but when I started researching by simply typing “beaches” at the end of my search it ended up being waaayyyyy too broad. The best ways I found to research is to look at the forums here for your specific port of call and to search those forums for “beach”, or to go on to trip advisor, look up your port city/town, then search the reviews for the word “cruise”. Both ways will not only give you beach reviews by experienced and new cruisers but will tell you what beaches were convenient and usually how they got there from port. Hope this helps.
  3. The suspense! 😳 Welcome home- sorry your ankles couldn’t keep up with your riding. Get them on ice for your next cruise!
  4. Ah I have been proven wrong which i never mind. 🙂 Oh CC....
  5. I think the issue is you are using a cursive font and it’s very thin. Not sure CC could “fix” that as it’s the font you have chosen. It’s a pretty font but it makes it hard to read your comments which could in the end add to miscommunication.
  6. This was the best dad joke yet! Another vote for Dexter. Add it to Lisa’s binge list. 😉
  7. Loving the review and your sense of humor. Lee em coming! 👍🏻
  8. Your pictures are fantastic 📸 and I’m now concidering this itinerary for the future. Keep on leafpeepin’! 🍁
  9. Yep Royal Caribbean stopped this service at the end of September.
  10. I hear the Kummelwrecks (sp?) are the best on Anthem. Haven’t sailed on her yet but leave in 38 days!
  11. Thanks! Can you let me know what was so awful about it? It seems to have good reviews and is the most convenient. Do you have another suggestion?
  12. Hello all! I will be in St Maarten on Dec 2nd and want to jet ski. I see there is a place right on the beach where the water taxi drops you off by Lazy Lizards but I’m wondering if I should pre-reserve our sessions or is it feasible to just walk up to them and book day of? Also if anyone has experience jet skiiing here would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance! Amanda
  13. Thanks for doing this! I also see the pics of the map and raccoon 😱
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