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  1. This doesn't help those in inside cabins, but the beds are not hard to move out on to the balcony on Anthem. Very much against the rules, I know. I spent a week out there, the only down side is you will wake with the dawn. And you need to move it back inside each morning so your room steward doesn't know. Great sleeping to the sea breeze and water sounds, with a sky full of stars overhead. Yes, it's humid, but there's always a breeze as long as the ship is moving.
  2. This corporate motivation to fill every cabin enables me to afford more cruises so there is an upside. My next one was booked at $388+tax for a 7 night cruise with balcony, booked about 6 weeks prior to sailing. They had rooms to fill, I'm price sensitive, it's win win. My spouse will make a donation to the casino, I will enjoy some tropical beverages, smart corporate strategy.
  3. Anthem draws heavily from NY and NJ and we are a tough crowd so I think that's part of the reason for the bad reviews. The main dining room is very different from the grand ballroom style of dining experienced cruisers may remember. I'm a repeat Anthem cruiser, it's just incredibly convenient to be so close to Bayonne. I think it's important to identify what you want out of your cruise experience. For me, it's a chance to get away from work, the news, etc., and just relax with a book and a water view. I've enjoyed some meals more than others but I've yet to be asked to wash the dishes so it's all good. Every cruise I've been on is unique, even on the same ship. Go in with a positive mindset and have a wonderful time.
  4. Definitely drop your luggage with the porters before proceeding to the parking garage. They have this down at Bayonne, very convenient. Good idea to have some cash for tips. Let them take everything you don't need to have on hand. Some people get in the pools immediately so if that's you, carry on your swimsuits. Definitely carry on medications, and keep your passport/ID on your person for boarding. I like 270 for lunch, but if you are able bodied, get up and let someone else have your seats when you are done eating. Go explore the ship until cabins open at 1pm. Get the Royal IQ app on your phone now. You can't use it until you board but you will be a step ahead to have it on your phone already. You can book things through that app, or walk directly across from where you board to the excursions area where you will see many iPad tablet stations where you can book things. There will be workers there to help you figure things out if you need help. They hold back reservations for day of boarding but you want to do this before you go exploring the ship. The long range Bermuda forecast keeps changing but it looks to be around 78-80 degree highs at this point. Might have some passing showers. The water temps will be about the same as NJ in August so if you can handle that you are fine. If you are from Florida it might seem too cold. It's all relative. Yes, it's Jersey week so there will be a lot of kids. That's probably more of a problem for the kids themselves who might find the things they want to do to be crowded. The drinks package is cheap on this cruise so there's that to consider haha.
  5. Just wanted to add for wheelchair or limited mobility folks there is a small elevator within 270 to move between levels there. It's kind of tucked away past the cafe but it's very useful for those who need it. Love that library/game room area, though they could use more books and games.
  6. Count me as another big Joyce fan. She had at least one sailing off in June of this year. I'm on again November 3 and she's not listed on the entertainment list but I'm hoping that's an oversight. Anyone know? Also, this thread is turning into a great resource on all things Anthem, well done! Wishing you a not too exciting sail back into port.
  7. Shhh with the deck 6 love. Yes it's incredibly convenient to be a flight of stairs from the Schooner Bar or Cafe 270. And not having to wait for an elevator before and after dinner. And being as close as possible to the sea. Hopefully most people hear deck 6 and think of obstructed views and hordes of smokers lurking beneath their balconies. I hear deck 10 is nice.
  8. There are two lines for MTD, with reservations, and without. This is the case on Anthem, not sure about other ships. There's usually a line in either case, though generally it moves pretty quickly. I've had good and bad experiences with MTD.
  9. I've boarded this way on Anthem several times and I'm a huge fan. It's amazing how efficiently they get 4500 people onboard in a few hours time. If only disembarkation was as quick and painless.
  10. Woah, did these prices jump up a lot? I thought it was like $2.50 for a burger the last time I was on Anthem in the spring. I could be wrong but I'm cheap and I went twice which I really don't think I would have done at these prices.
  11. Random favorites from the main dining room, roasted duck, beef Wellington, rack of lamb chops, iceberg wedge, cherries jubilee, olive oil pudding, chocolate cappuccino mousse. On my last time on Anthem there was an Indian vegetarian option that was like a variety plate with several chutneys, best dinner of the sailing. In general I would say the fish options tend to be underwhelming, just boring, not inedible. Cafe 270 is a great alternative to the Windjammer. Soups, paninis, salads, chips, fruit, in a great setting. It can be hard to find a table there at the busiest times. There are also high tables with stool type chairs if you can do those. You can also just sit in the lounge parts of 270 without a table. If you google Anthem of the Seas and menus the first result has all the menus if you want to look ahead. Your stateroom TV will have that night's menu as well if you want to decide between the MDR and somewhere else depending on the menu.
  12. I will adapt but the small font/lots of blank bright white page is off-putting. The pop-up reply notifications is weird too.
  13. I'm always on the fence about the packages. I've done it all ways, full, refreshment, and no package. I love the freedom of the full package but it's expensive. The refreshment package is a good deal for me at $18 but not at $26 which is the current price for my next cruise. I check every day and will buy if it goes to $18 but we are within a month now and I don't think it's going to happen. So, I will buy a coffee card and do the daily drink specials. I just have to working on not being so cheap when faced with $14 cocktails.
  14. I can't speak to the Allure, but in general, tables for two are very close to adjacent tables. You are alone, but there might be some chatter from your neighbors. I've never minded it but just a heads up it will not feel like an intimate dining setting.
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