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  1. Is Viking offering another 125% voucher for today's cancellations?
  2. We usually book our own air, but decided to include air fare and Air Plus this go around since receiving the 125% vouchers. Yesterday, I called Viking Air for our October cruise requesting Delta airlines. The agent stated she would "price it out" (?) and yes an additional amount would be owed for main cabin. I responded I thought the whole point of Air Plus was you're able to select the airlines?
  3. Does anyone know if it's possible to book cruise ship contracted train without actually being on the cruise? I would prefer to leave Seward early in the morning instead of waiting until 6pm for the Gold Star Coastal Classic.
  4. How is it that several have mentioned upgrading with airline points after Viking has issued their airline tickets? I called Delta to ask for any tips before utilizing Viking Air Plus. The Delta representative stated "be sure to ask for upgradeable tickets". When I called Viking Air, the representative stated none of the tickets through Viking Air are upgradeable?
  5. For those having trouble logging on to MVJ due to the upgrade, try using Chrome as your web browser instead of Internet Explorer.
  6. I also highly recommend Alla for all the same reasons. I was skeptical, at first, that we didn't have to give a credit card number or pay in advance. Unless they have changed their policy, we paid at the end of the first day.
  7. Pushka - I see you also post to the Viking River Cruises - Viking Ra "Pharaohs & Pyramids Oct 19, 2018" Are you canceling the Viking Ra?
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