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  1. N Statendam 13 Sep 2020 - 12 Night Iberian Peninsula. 30th anniversary cruise.
  2. Thanks for the video. We booked one of these cabins on the Statendam. Nice to see how big the balcony is.
  3. I’ve been primarily cruising with Princess. They do not have this requirement. They just say that it can’t be shared. I probably shouldn’t have commented on other cruise lines maybe having this policy. I haven’t sailed with any of them recently so don’t know their policies.
  4. It seems perfectly logical why they do this. I’m sure every other cruise line does the same. It would be a simple matter for those gaming the system to just buy one beverage package and then share the drinks.
  5. We’ve also booked a cruise on the Statendam. We are new to HAL and like you have had trouble finding information on the Signature Beverage package. It’s a good thing we have this forum because trying to navigate the HAL website (for newbies) is a nightmare.
  6. I haven’t sailed on HAL in many years. We have booked a cruise on the Statendam for September 2020 through a big box TA. Flights are not yet available for this cruise through Flight Ease. When they become available will I be able to use the HAL website to find them since I have a TA? If so, can I just book online or will I need to call the TA?
  7. I’m planning on transferring my booking to a big box store to get the OBC. The cruise is still more than a year away and flights on flight ease are not yet available. Will I be able to use the HAL website to find flights and book them if I have transferred my booking?
  8. Thanks. I just thought I was missing something or some secret link.
  9. My DW and I have a cruise booked on Holland America for next year. We haven’t sailed with HA in many years. I’m trying to find information on the website concerning my booking, but I’m having no luck. I have no problem finding my booking, but I can’t remember what perks this booking included such as OBC or prepaid gratuities. I can’t seem to find this information on the website. I’m sure I’m missing something simple. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I was trying to be sarcastic. If I’m eating bacon, which I do regularly, it would never be made from anything but pigs.
  11. We are also long time Princess cruisers who have decided to try HAL. The information regarding refrigerators is a little troublesome. I’m used to having a refrigerator in veranda cabins with Princess.
  12. We are also long time Princess cruisers who will be trying HAL. We primarily cruise in Europe. We are switching to HAL because we have run out of new itineraries with Princess. We are looking forward to trying something new. I think the only thing we will miss with Princess are our free internet minutes and their superior website. We aren’t party people so HAL seems like it will fill the bill for us.
  13. We are also new to HAL. We have a cruise booked on the Nieuw Statendam for Europe in 2020. Like you we have been primarily cruising with Princess, but wanted a new European itinerary. HAL has an itinerary we really like and we are looking forward to this new experience. Also like you we were shocked how bad the HAL website is. Why doesn’t Carnival have universal websites for all the cruise lines? The Princess site is very easy to navigate. It’s easy to look at the price for any cabin and check out flight prices while in the planning stages. A website is one of the first experiences one has with a cruise line. The HAL website is a total turnoff.
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