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  1. We decided to alleviate any stress and booked a later flight even though it means overnighting in a Heathrow hotel. Thanks again for all the timely and helpful responses.
  2. Thanks for all of the responses. When we had this same flight for the Empires cruise, we weren’t concerned as the ship was overnighting in Athens. We are now considering changing our flights to the next day and staying in a hotel in Athens to alleviate the stress. I guess since I saw disembarkation shown as 7:00 AM, I assumed the ship would be in port and clear customs much earlier than that. The ship leaves Katakolon at 2:00 PM the prior day.
  3. We just learned today that our September Empires of the Mediterranean cruise was canceled. We rebooked a different cruise. Since we had already paid for our airfare on British Airways, we are stuck sticking with BA. Our cruise ends in Athens. The itinerary shows disembarkation at 7:00 AM. Viking says not to schedule any flights before noon. We had few choices. If we didn’t book the 10:00 flight, we’d have to wait until 6:00 PM and have a 14 hour layover in London. This is our first Viking cruise although we are experienced cruisers. I know other cruise lines always get into port early and star
  4. We recently booked a Viking Sea cruise from Venice to Athens. We have not sailed on Viking before, but are really looking forward to it. I expected to pay more for the cruise, but was really shocked at how expensive business class airfare was with Viking. We are used to paying anywhere from $2300 to $2800 on Princess, Celebrity and HAL from Seattle to Europe on a multi-city itinerary. Viking is asking $4900. We will probably take a chance and book our own airfare. The only thing I can figure is that the bigger cruise lines must get deeper discounts.
  5. Princess just canceled all of their cruises out of Southampton until September 21. They have substituted shorter round trip cruises out of Southampton for UK residents only. It’s still not looking good for European cruises this summer. We have a Celebrity cruise booked out of Amsterdam on September 4. We are not holding out much hope.
  6. I understand why they are doing this, but it would definitely keep us from cruising. We primarily cruise in Europe. We love the freedom of exploring on our own, stopping where and when we want to people watch and have a beer, and using private tour operators to see more for less. Hopefully, this will not be needed by next September or we will be canceling our cruise.
  7. Thanks for responding. The cruise is already multi city since it starts and ends in different ports. I’m used to the Princess website that allows one to do another stop in-route as long as it’s at least one day prior. I’m looking for any Celebrity cruiser who may have done this. We will have too much luggage for the train, but it is a good suggestion.
  8. Excuse me if this has been discussed before. We haven’t sailed with Celebrity for many years and have never booked flights through their website. Next September we are planning to cruise from Amsterdam to Rome. Our plans are to spend a few days in London prior to the cruise. We have done this type of thing with Princess and there is an option when booking the flight to add a layover. I can’t find that option on the Celebrity site. Am I just missing something or does this option not exist? Thanks.
  9. I was excited to get the Celebrity email showing a five day flash sale. I immediately went in and checked the prices. The same cabin on our cruise out of Amsterdam next September would be $500 more pp. When’s a sale not a sale?
  10. It’s more than $100 OBC pp. It’s also a 10% reduction in the cruise fare. We only have a seven day Caribbean cruise scheduled for May. For my wife and me, we would save $335 in cruise fare plus $200 OBC. At least for us, it’s worth considering.
  11. I also received this. It doesn’t state how much OBC. I tried to find it on the Princess website, but didn’t see anything. My first thought is that Princess is strapped for cash and is doing this to help see them through the shutdown. That led me to wonder how safe it would be to handover my money to Princess at this time. I’m not worried about tying up my cash as the 10% savings on the cruise would far exceed any interest earned on savings.
  12. It’s nice that Celebrity offers a choice. We have always preferred the sofa near the veranda, but can see how some would rather have the bed in that location.
  13. Thank you. This was one of the cabins we were considering.
  14. Did the airline make any changes between the time you booked and canceled? The reason I ask is this issue just came up for us. We had a Princess cruise booked for the end of May. We booked our own airfare with Alaska. When the cruise was canceled, we had to cancel our airfare. These were non refundable tickets. At first Alaska was only going to give us a voucher for future travel. Then the agent noticed that Alaska had changed the scheduled flight. We had been informed of this and it wasn’t a big deal as it was only five minutes. But, since Alaska had changed our flight from what we booked, we
  15. My wife and I are thinking of booking a Celebrity cruise on the Reflection in 2021. It’s been many years since sailing on Celebrity and do not know the ships. We want a veranda cabin (concierge class okay), but we are picky on the layout. We want the couch near the balcony. Looking at many different YouTube videos and pictures, we have noticed some of the cabins have the couch near the balcony and some have the bed in that location. Is there anyway to know when booking which cabin has which layout?
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