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  1. WineDown17

    Celebrity Edge-Price Hike

    I am periodically checking prices because I was bummed I missed the introductory prices...but today I noticed the prices for our room was up another $300 pp ... so I am glad I pulled the trigger.
  2. WineDown17

    >>Celebrity Edge<< - Exterior Views

    Also in a SS for that sailing can't wait!!
  3. WineDown17

    EDGE-Hypothetical family split up

    I was told is that they actually call them a different type of cabin type (sky family suite is one example) during the holiday season and book them together without having to pay for double occupancy in the adjoining room if you only have one extra person ..However you can always book an adjoining cabin for a child and he/she will get retreat access. Think about it.. I could put him in the suite with us and have three in there and he would have retreat access.. in this scenario I'm actually paying an extra $3500 (double occupancy rate) for him to have his own, adjoining room to the suite. I also hardly think they're going to make him eat alone in the MDR while we are in Luminae. :confused:
  4. WineDown17

    >>Celebrity Edge<< - Exterior Views

    People soup 🤢 Too funny! I agree. Unless it's on my veranda and has been just cleaned, no thank you.
  5. WineDown17

    Allure Falmouth question

    Our excursion when we were there last month was canceled. We ended up spending the day by the pool at Margaritaville and our son had a blast ...and so did we. DJ plays fun music and they engaged the kids in dances and games. Would do it again. :cool:
  6. WineDown17

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    I love the way they placed the horizontal edge of the veranda railing right where the sky and the sea meet..it really does make it look infinite. I am really interested to see what the S3 verandas look like. It looks like there is a window type opening on the side if you're in one of the end suites. That will hopefully help make up for the obstruction of the magic carpet track.
  7. WineDown17

    EDGE-Hypothetical family split up

    Thank you! We usually do the CS or larger and have him with us so never an issue. Now that he is getting older we thought this would afford more privacy. (And the bed facing the veranda clinched it, assuming he got the retreat privileges. )Things are selling fast and I don't want to make an error that can't be fixed. :o
  8. WineDown17

    EDGE-Hypothetical family split up

    He turns 12 before sailing :eek: time to call again! They told me that ANYONE in an adjoining room to a suite on the same booking would get the suite amenities (I also have a 20 yo who may get invited) sigh.
  9. WineDown17

    Celebrity Edge's Blocks Are In The House!

    Such a cool thread!!! Thank you for sharing. (Bonus points for absence of drama!)
  10. WineDown17

    EDGE-Hypothetical family split up

    I was told unequivocally that by booking the C2 that adjoins to our S3 our son (who is 11 and will be in the C2) will be granted full access to the Retreat and Luminae. It was the deciding factor vs booking a CS. No fees. I called 3x to make sure I got the same answer. (Not that 3 people can't be wrong )🙄
  11. This is such a sensitive topic for so many people. Bottom line is each cruise line has its segment of the market place it is trying to appeal to. Press releases have stated that with this ship they were focusing on the segment "affluent families aged 36 to 52. " There are hundreds of cruise ships out there each with different pros and cons. We are all able to vote with our wallets which line we want to cruise with and what kind of cabins we wish to pay for. And at the end of the day anyone who gets to cruise at all is really quite fortunate in my opinion! For X It's smart business to be able to appeal to a wide range of travelers and budgets and it is clearly differentiating itself from Royal Caribbean. Every company is out to make money based on their clientele and the segments they target. Celebrity is being very clear who they are targeting with this ship - love it or hate it. I certainly know what I prefer when I cruise..but I don't hold anyone else to that standard nor judge them because they may choose differently. I have been fortunate enough to sail in the penthouse suite on celebrity and my most recent cruise was a last minute decision where we had a standard balcony and the 3 of us all shared a room. At the end of the day it was time spent with my family that meant the most... and a great lesson for my son that you can have just as much fun with or without a gold pass card!
  12. WineDown17

    What dining venues will be on Edge?

    I read somewhere that there will be a seafood/raw bar restaurant on deck five. That was the only additional restaurant that I have seen in any of the press releases
  13. WineDown17

    Connecting staterooms

    Not all suites have connecting rooms. I actually had great difficulty finding a suite with a connecting room for the sailing that I was looking at.However they did go out of their way to create an experience for families on the ship according to an article I read and which is referenced in some of the other threads. The CEO states they were trying to target "affluent families" and talks a lot about this being a family ship for that sort of clientele. It also spoke about their enhanced kids club with stem activities.
  14. WineDown17

    Edge Sky Suites - What's the Scoop?

    Just booked an S3 and adjoining C2 for DH 50th. Passed On the CS because I wanted the outward facing bed... will be disappointed if that is not the configuration. Also all of the aft S1 with adjoining SV rooms are sold out. There are no S2 with adjoining rooms so this was our only option, or a CS. I hope I made the right decision. We will also get to experience the infinite veranda in our sons room.
  15. WineDown17

    Who booked on edge

    Just booked S3 with adjoining C2 2/24/19. My husband's 50th birthday gift. My 12-year-old (well he will be 12 by the time we sail) actually wanted me to cancel our sailing on Harmony next year to make sure we can book a suite for this trip... and is thrilled he will have his own room. I am just happy I have gotten him away from Royal Caribbean and can sail celebrity once again which is my all-time favorite. Was going to book a celebrity suite but this actually cost several thousand dollars less and affords us all additional privacy, Second bathroom, and more veranda space. I had originally booked the sailing when his birthday falls which was over the holidays. Decided to delay a couple of weeks and sale in February instead and saved over 50% by doing so... I really wanted an S1 aft but they were all sold out for pretty much every sailing that is currently open. Excited for Tortola!