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  1. Please explain why late arrival is an issue. We are scheduled in port 11:30am to 7pm. I see the national park closes at 4:30. How much time from port arrival does it take to get to St John?
  2. I have been watching threads on bus/ferry from St Thomas to St Johns, but have not seen this exactly. Carnival arrives St Thomas at 11:30 am, departing at 7 pm. Is that enough time to take the ferry and see the national park on St Johns? Any issues with the ferry or park closing early? I see the park says it closes at 4:30 daily. Is there enough time?
  3. Thank you. Long we've gotten used to. Nearly impossible to find the port exit, which changes from one time to the next (Costa Maya), not so much. Are the directions to Marysol clear?
  4. Viator has a $50 tour of Puerto Plata that includes the cable car. Marysol has a $40 tour of Puerto Plata, plus $10 extra for cable car. Are these the same? Can anyone who has been on either describe the tour?
  5. We took the Maya Experience tour of Chacchoben with Native Choice. 20-pax air-conditioned van (3 places are for guides). Great experience at the site and lunch in a Mayan village. Make and cook your own corn tortilla. Getting out of the cruiseport is difficult. I understand that the exit changes as another way to trap tourists. Native Choice will provide a map. Basically, get outside and turn left at the pyramid. Walk on the tree-lined path in the middle of the road rather than the sidewalks. Wonderful experience with a smaller group than cruise excursions.
  6. We did Lamanai on Wednesday and Chacchoben on Thursday. Part of the decision was that Belize City is a tender port, so not a sure thing. Seeing the countryside of the two countries was enlightening; I was not aware how much poorer Belize is. Lamanai is taller with better views from the summit, hieroglyphics and carvings. Chacchoben had a smaller group, with better discussion and more insight of the process. Highly recommend Native Choice and their Maya Experience.
  7. https://www.cruisetimetables.com/visitingcozumelmexico-07feb2019.html I count 8: Aidaluna RC Brilliance of the Seas Carnival Breeze Carnival Fantasy Carnival Horizon Celebrity Edge RC Independence of the Seas Norwegian Epic
  8. 1. Departure port. We can easily drive to Tampa or Port Canaveral. Not quite as easily to Lauderdale or Miami. 2. Length. At least six days. 3. Destination. We used HAL for cruisetour in Alaska for a special anniversary. In Med, we took Costa. For Caribbean, Bahamas, etc, we use Carnival. 4. Value. 5. Season. January to April for anything out of Florida. We go with others about half the time. Their schedules are a factor. 6. Size. Not interested in a ship bigger than my hometown.
  9. In Sint Maarten, somehow get to the French side for a while. The two sides are different. Enjoy being in France for a little while.
  10. If so, it's a good idea. Focus groups done right cost money. Another method would be to try the change on one or two ships. Best would be to have multiple versions: * Free all day * Free until 10pm * Free all day for suites; free until 10pm for others * One free per room per day * Free on sea day mornings Maybe try them on different lines of Carnival Corp
  11. GT -- grab a drink, sit at Margaritaville, enjoy the music and pool. You could do worse.
  12. Which Lamanai tour did they match? Going next month.
  13. More than five nights = two elegant, according to Carnival website.
  14. We did a five-day once because we hadn't been to the Bahamas. Otherwise, we take longer. Less party atmosphere, more relaxed.
  15. Marketing people do split offers to see which has a better response. Common technique.
  16. Is there a big difference in airfare or flight schedules? That might help me decide among Orlando, FL, Miami. Orlando is more distant from the cruise terminal, if that matters. I would probably fly in the day before but leave the afternoon of arrival.
  17. Try backroads from Montgomery thru Eufala AL and Albany GA to I75.
  18. HAL and Princess lodges at Denali are neighbors. You can walk.from one to the other. The town is across the highway from them. HAL also has a dedicated train from Denali to Anchorage. So far, it's a tie. The Kenai Fjords National Park in Seward is the tiebreaker in my mind. The boat tour from there was one of my top experiences ever. Maybe 50 people on the boat, so we could get very close to things. The captain took us to where the wildlife was, would circle in place or stop, as needed. We saw dozens of orcas (they travel in packs of ten or so), humpback whale, grey whale, puffins, seals, glaciers. Lunch on the boat. Maybe you could get there from Whittier? At Seward, it's a long walk or a short ride from the fjord cruise to the cruise ship and they'll handle the luggage.
  19. We had an ok day at Freeport but had to take a bus to get away from the cruiseport. Lucaya is nice. There is in Freeport tyat's not available in other ports. In Nassau, there is plenty to see walking around. Vendors are not as pushy as, say, St Thomas. Key West is a unique place. If you haven't been, go. Cozumel has many options.
  20. Agree with mosquito bites. That would explain why you have it and not your husband.
  21. We will cruise to Cozumel, Costa Maya and Belize. Thinking of visiting Lamanai and Chaccoben. Have you done two days of ruins? Pros/cons, please.
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