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  1. OMG this company is doing SO MUCH for everyone and all they can do is COMPLAIN!
  2. Right? Change isn't for everyone but those of us that want something new and young think it is AWESOME!
  3. Exactly - unpredictable posts coming in for sure complicates who I was really responding to!!
  4. This thread is about privileged and complicates things! Seriously, no PIANO in a suite? No, we need to worry about more inclusion and equity for People of Color and LGBT community than MUSIC. Right?? I really do feel like Lisa Lutoff-Perlo and Kelly Hoppen and especially Patricia Urquiola get nothing but mansplaining about this and that design. I’m sure you don’t get it but hey it's one more glass ceiling against the patriarchy.
  5. OUR HAPPY PLACE absolutely if we give them half a chance!! Hope some of you try it before condemning it! Positive feelings happen immediately. Glad some are being helpful!
  6. I'm so glad, hcat! Thanks for the encouragement. Next time in the Fall means you booked AGAIN!
  7. Right? I feel like everyone has to look for something to complain about everyday on here. Betcha if they left it white they would complain TOO!
  8. You know what? I was on last week to and smelt NOTHING!
  9. You know what? Half the people want to see Eden expand to AT LEAST one show on the stage in whatever theater. So the other half wouldn't mind if a larger library themed room had fictional literary characters at night. Eden obviously isn't for everyone but performance art is catching on.
  10. LOVE this idea, like Harry Potter! Seriously and make it hard to find a Chamber of Secrets and make it change locations each time on the ship! Tell me which cruise and I'll do it, too! Everyone, Right?!?!?
  11. Let's be sure we'ed all be protective of our friends and family but I would LOVE to see people connect to new types performances!!!!!
  12. You know what? Not for me and not really Edge unless they ad AT LEAST a small area for EDEN!
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