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  1. Hey beautiful brides! My honey and I are getting married on the Harmony of the Seas, May 26th 2019!!! It is embarkation day. So far everything with ROE, has been good and I hope it stays that way. I am so excited, my family has cruised about two- three times a year since I was six. Now, I never imagined getting married on a cruise, In fact swore up and down I never would! Well....Two years ago I was on our annual Christmas cruise on the Oasis and I happened to spot a hot guy on the flow-rider....I later meet him along with what would later become a good group of friends at the bar. Turned out he lived an hour away from my home town, that I was just moving back too. We got off the ship and since we met, we haven't really been apart . We first went toward a traditional wedding in our state. But, real traditional wedding planning stressed me out and we wanted a couple of things we felt the traditional way we were going was not for us. 1. no barn wedding 2. Our close friends 3. party all nigh 4. Not go over budget. So we went the cruise route and the more I think of it, it is great! Plus it is on memorial weekend many of our family already plan to take a vacation and we have many friends and family already booked. So, it worked out. So instead of getting married in a barn, its on similar ship that we met on! Our close friends are staying all week and we can party all week with our friends and family. Oh, and the cost did not even touch my intended budget. So, I saved some money! :D I love seeing everyones replies it makes me so excited for everyone!
  2. Hello fellow cruisers! So I am calling all brides who have had a wedding or currently planning a wedding on a cruise. I am currently set on a cruise wedding and am very excited for a few reasons. I have cruised since I was six, on both Disney and Royal Caribbean. I also met my fiancé while cruise on my family’s annual Christmas cruise with RC. We both decided a cruise wedding this week after getting off Oasis (today :,( because it would be great, and also best express our love for cruising and how it brought our families together. We are very excited but I have heard so many terrible things about RC weddings and it sucks because we have cruised so much with RC and met on the Oasis..I know he and his family are very partial to RC and would prefer the wedding on RC (so would I) but I am very scared.... ..we still want a cruise wedding and would like to know everyone’s experience with any cruise line. (Besides Disney, we love Disney it just is to much) We will be expecting about 50 people (maybe up to 75) We would like a reception too. We also have not decided if we would like on board or at port. So please share you’re experience and who you would recommend who to go though.
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