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  1. There really aren't many things in life where procrastinating is the best option. I hope you have a great experience with your undersea adventure!
  2. We're not even sailing until next March, but I've already upped my fitness routine. Once you've been put through the Caribbean Rinse Cycle, you never want to repeat the experience. (Location may vary, but rambunctious currents do not.)
  3. Tell me more. Were there kiosks set up or just guys waving signs? How much did it cost and how long did they take you out for? Thanks!
  4. If you certify at hime you may fine excuses to get more water time logged before your trip. The currents are strong in some of the popular spots and having experience will make the experience safer and more enjoyable. At the very minimum, you should hit the local gym and pool more often. Dive tanks etc are heavy and awkward, and if you're not conditioned you'll fatigue out faster.
  5. Well, for me, at least, it's a bit theoretical until I can source somebody locally that has the vaccine. The online resources that popped up only mentioned a jab and no other option. Interesting.
  6. I'm not going until next year, but I got my first Hep A/B vaccine a week ago. There have been outbreaks of Hep A in domestic restaurants , so I figured, as an adventurous eater, it probably was a good idea. I'm less sold on Typhoid Fever, and it's harder to obtain in my locale, and only good for 2 years, so I'm holding off on that for now.
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