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  1. Bignickpsu

    progressive cruise check in times?

    Is it typical to get an email with boarding times? I haven't gotten anything in a while and board this week.
  2. Bignickpsu

    Just off the Caribbean Princess....any questions?

    Now I'm curious to see if ***** will be up and running on my upcoming CB cruise
  3. Hello again all... Does anyone know if sea lice are usually an issue in the Western Caribbean? I've only done one cruise before (with Disney to the Bahamas and Castaway Cay) and a lot of people recommended a special lotion to protect against sea lice. Wasn't sure if I should bring that for the waters in the Western Caribbean. Thanks!
  4. Bignickpsu

    Yet still another Princess Sale July 17 - Sept 24

    It might have only been select cruises. We first saw it in March and ended up booking a cruise to the Western Caribbean for later this month.
  5. Bignickpsu

    Yet still another Princess Sale July 17 - Sept 24

    Earlier this year they had a promo where the 3rd and 4th guests were $1. That is what prompted my wife and I to book our first Princess cruise.
  6. Great news for me! Not so good for my wife...lol. Do you happen to know the minimums?
  7. Hmmm...my trip on 7/28 still lists Belize City on Day 4 even though the times for Grand Cayman and Roatan are updated. Cozumel is now listed as 9 AM - 9 PM
  8. Since this thread is about the casino, does anyone know if the Caribbean Princess has Let It Ride in their casino?
  9. Relatively new to cruising and taking the Caribbean Princess at the end of July. Any advice on booking excursions? Pros and cons of Princess vs private? I've only been on one cruise before and the people we were with booked the excursions for us.
  10. Bignickpsu

    Caribbean princess - food/menu

    Thanks so much! Gives me a much better idea of what to expect
  11. Bignickpsu

    Formal nights - suit and tie? Tux?

    Thanks for all of the advice! Looks like we will be packing a couple pair of pants for each of us. Can't wait for our first Princess Cruise!
  12. Bignickpsu

    Formal nights - suit and tie? Tux?

    10 and 7. Not a huge deal one way or another, I'm just trying to figure what to pack. I don't want to pack too many long pants since it is the summer in the middle of the Caribbean and the other thread indicated the Caribbean Princess doesn't seem to cool all that well.
  13. Bignickpsu

    Formal nights - suit and tie? Tux?

    Thanks! I was planning on wearing khakis and a polo so it wouldn't have been an issue. Do you think dressier shorts would be ok for children?
  14. Bignickpsu

    Formal nights - suit and tie? Tux?

    Sorry to keep this going but since we are discussing dress codes....are nice shorts and polos acceptable during the non-formal nights in the MDR? Heading on our first Carribean cruise and trying to figure out how to pack. If not acceptable for adults, how about for kids? Please note I am talking about dressier shorts and a collared polo shirt rather than jean shorts and a t-shirt. Thanks!
  15. Bignickpsu

    Caribbean princess - food/menu

    I agree 100% about trying things. It actually pains me when they refuse to try things that are delicious because they are new to them. When I say ethnic food, I mean anything beyond standard American fare. No Mexican, Asian, etc.