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  1. Headed out on the Grand for the first time soon and was curious as to how people think it compares to the Caribbean which is the only Princess ship I’ve been on. I’m also wondering whether anyone here happens to have the MDR menu for the first night. I’m thinking about booking Crown Grill for the first night since we have early dining and I don’t want to have to cut short the sail away party.
  2. Does anyone know if hot chocolate is officially no longer included? There are no terms for the soda package yet. I only ask because the wording of new coffee and soda package groups specialty coffee and tea in one phrase and all of the sodas, juices, mocktails and hot chocolate in another. Also, someone mentioned hot chocolate being complimentary in the buffet. Is that true in the MDR? I wasn't sure if the paid hot chocolate referred only to IC.
  3. Do all ships even offer smoothies/milkshakes? I don't remember seeing them on the Caribbean last year. Headed on the Grand soon so I'm curious as to what they have. I'm usually not a big complainer but it seems like a steep increase especially if hot chocolate is no longer included.
  4. Thanks again! Enjoy the cruise! I definitely dont want to start a debate about dining. I have only been on one Princess cruise and the waiters were the ones that told me the traditional became Anytime on port days. I just wasn’t sure if that was standard😀
  5. Thanks for all of the info! Did they repeat the menu from Day 2? It looks almost exactly like the one you posted from earlier in your trip. Did they mention if dining hours could be changed on port days? On our Caribbean cruise last year, you were allowed to eat AnyTime on port days. Thanks again!
  6. I know...I just have a hard time paying for food on an excursion knowing I've already paid for it on the ship.😀 Plus we are already doing the Mendenhall canoe excursion
  7. Of course, the crab legs are on the day I'm going to have to miss the MDR because of excursions😡 Do you know if they let people eat anytime on port days? On our West Caribbean cruise last summer, on certain port days they let everyone eat anytime.
  8. I'm pretty sure you can order as much as you want😀
  9. On our upcoming cruise, we have Sitka as a port instead of Ketchikan and don't have much planned other than a walk around. We are looking to get some Alaskan seafood and already have a pretty full day booked in Juneau so we thought we'd try to look for it in Sitka. Any recommendations?
  10. It is for the first two. I missed out on an upsell from an inside to a balcony about a month ago because I had the same question and it was sold out by the time they got back to me. I could afford an extra $500 but didn't want to go for $1000 if they were going to charge for my two kids. Still crossing my fingers that another one opens up.
  11. Good morning all...I was just wondering if anyone knew if their was any age flexibility for the kids club. On our next cruise, we are bringing our two boys (11 and 7). The 7 year old will be weeks away from his 8th birthday and we’d really like it if they could be in the same kids club. On our last cruise the younger one had just turned 7 but did not ever want to go to the kids club after the first day because it was much more geared to the younger ages. Thanks in advance.
  12. How was the water coming out of San Fran? Was it overly rough? We are doing the 10 day to Alaska this summer and I have a tendency to get seasick and I have heard the Pacific can be quite rocky. Hoping the patch continues to work for me.
  13. I heard the TVs are now set up for on demand but they weren't sure when it would be up and running. Any luck with on demand?
  14. Does anyone know if there is a way to order it from Princess and have it sent to my house? I think my kids would like to read through it ahead of time.
  15. For anyone interested on more on the dry dock, search for Martin Cruise on Facebook. He is giving daily updates on the happenings with pictures. Looks like major work is getting done. According to his posts, it looks like all new TVs, new jacuzzi structures, new carpet, and a lot more. I believe he is an entertainer on the ship and is staying on board during the dry dock.
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