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  1. Is it known yet what the itinerary is going to be for the Freedom's repositioning cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to San Juan? We were on the Jewel's repositioning cruise from Tampa to San Juan in May of 2013. That itinerary was unique and out of the ordinary and we had a great time. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Harry, Kudos on your most excellent photo trip report. Its been informative, enlightening and entertaining. We'll be sailing the same itinerary on Freedom in April of 2018. Even though my cruise is still a long ways off this will be a valuable asset as I endeavor to plan, prepare and pass the time (as the Tom Petty song goes: "The waiting is the hardest part"). Your taking the time and effort required to make a presentation such as this is much appreciated. Jack
  3. For some reason I'm unable to get the document to open. Would someone please mention if the Royal will be doing the 10 day Eastern and Southern Caribbean itineraries again starting in Sept. 2015. Many thanks.
  4. I'm also watching and waiting with great interest to see if in fact the NAV does repo to San Juan, and if so I plan to be one of the first in line to book. We were on the Jewel's repo from Tampa to San Juan in May of last year and had a fantastic time.
  5. As always, another fine presentation Grady. Thank you for taking the time and effort doing something like this requires. Agreed that this is a really nice 8 day cruise that we'd be very interested in taking, especially if and/or when Anthem takes over the itinerary.
  6. A most excellent photo review of a great cruise, kudos Grady. Jack
  7. Approximately how many miles is it from the aquarium to the Columbia? Thanks.
  8. I'm sailing on the repo to San Juan 4 weeks from today. Thanks for serving up this "appetizer". :D Have a fabulous time. Cheers, bon appetit and Bon Voyage!
  9. Next month I plan to purchase a Royal Caribbean Open Booking and a Celebrity Open Passage. Any idea if the Celebrity forms are also usually sitting out on the display cases or will those have to be specially asked for? Thanks.
  10. Thank you for the information Andy, much appreciated. Hope you enjoy a fabulous cruise on the Eclipse. Cheers, bon appetit and Bon Voyage!
  11. And ditto for the last scheduled Caribbean cruise of the season in late March/early April of 2015, East or Southwest? Another thanks in advance.
  12. Kudos on another excellent presentation Grady. I'm looking forward with great interest to the photo review of your next cruise. ;)
  13. A most excellent presentation Jeff, thanks for sharing. We're counting down to sailing on the Jewel's repositioning cruise to San Juan in just under 2 months.
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