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  1. Kazu, Thank you so much for this list! Please remove me from the Koningsdam - 06-Mar-19 - 11 day Caribbean as we are now sailing on the Koningsdam - 27-Mar-19 - 11 day Caribbean THANK YOU!!! LaCat3
  2. As previously mentioned, just remember that if you have to use one of their chairs for anything other than embarkation, debarkation or an on-board emergency, you will be charged rental for the full length of your cruise no matter how brief your useage. May you never need them!!!
  3. Please add LaCat3 to the March 6, 2019, Koningsdam, 11 Day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer cruise. THANKS Jaqui!
  4. We are scheduled to arrive at Schiphol on Thursday, June 7 at 08:15. I am very curious as to how important is it to book tickets ahead of time for our party of two? THANK YOU!
  5. Thanks. I thought he probably was but it's always worth a post!
  6. Copper10-8, In June I'll be aboard the Koningsdam for the 1st time. Would you please help me identify who will be the following then? Captain, CD, HM, BM, EC, SO Thank you so much for all your effort and help!
  7. We circumnavigated Iceland last summer including the Golden Circle. I was using my rolling walker. I did on occasion do three or four steps but accommodations were an issue only one time. I brought my handing disabled tag and found handicapped parking in at least half of the paved parking lots. I saw EVERYTHING! I may not have gotten the "perfect" view or pic but my boyfriend always did. A wheelchair or scooter would not be able to go all the places I did. The extent of your disability could make a difference for you. If you have questions I'm at lacat3cruising dot gmail
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