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  1. Forgive this super basic question . . . we bought the Cheers package online. Do they still put stickers on your Sail and Sign card to show you have the package? If so, where should we go to get our stickers? Thanks!
  2. I don’t know the ins and outs, but these particular Carnival gift cards aren’t resold gift cards but are sold directly from Raise. There’s no discount on them (as is usually the case with resold cards), other than getting the Raise Cash back. And, since they are e-gift cards, you can use them immediately.
  3. I don't know if this has already been posted about here, but just in case . . . I just discovered that you can buy Carnival gift cards on the website raise.com. You get 10% back in "Raise Cash," which you can use to buy other gift cards on their site. The gift cards are e-gift cards, and you can specify the exact amount that you want to buy. It was super easy! Oh, and raise.com participates in Ebates - only 1% cash back as of now, but every little bit helps!
  4. I commonly sail Royal Caribbean, which often has sales on pre-cruise purchases, like drink packages, internet packages and shore excursions (and yes, I know that the "sale" price is often not much better than the original price). Does Carnival ever have sales on those types of items? If we, for example, buy the drink package now, and then a cheaper price becomes available, are we able to cancel the drink package for a refund, and then re-buy it at the lower price? Many thanks!
  5. I’m so sorry - I know this has been asked 100 times, but I’m having a horrible time searching the forums on the ship’s WiFi. We are on Radiance on the ultimate dining package. Are gratuities included, or should we tip as if we are paying full price? Or - are gratuities are included, but we should leave a little extra to be generous? Thanks!!!
  6. We are spending a day and a half in Vancouver before heading out on an Alaska cruise. We plan to use our credit card as much as we can, but I’d like to have a small amount of Canadian dollars for tipping and small purchases - maybe 50 Canadian dollars? What’s the best way to get Canadian dollars at a reasonable exchange rate? ATM? Thanks!
  7. Oops! Sorry for posting in the wrong forum!
  8. We are spending a day and a half in Vancouver before heading out on an Alaska cruise. We plan to use our credit card as much as we can, but I’d like to have a small amount of Canadian dollars for tipping and small purchases - maybe 50 Canadian dollars? What’s the best way to get Canadian dollars at a reasonable exchange rate? ATM? Thanks!
  9. We are heading to Alaska next month! One of our stops is Icy Strait Point, where we plan to do a whale watching tour through Hoonah Whale Tours from 9:30am-1pm, and then do the Ziprider through Royal Caribbean at 2pm. We are not a group that does well skipping meals, so I'm looking for somewhere quick and near the pier to grab lunch in between our excursions. Any suggestions?
  10. Thanks! This worked great. Another friend also suggested to go to My Calendar and click "Details" from there, which worked too. So much easier than what I was doing before!
  11. I'm heading out on an Alaska cruise on Radiance next month. I booked my shore excursions ages ago, and have been periodically checking the prices on them, and rebooking when the prices have dropped. I went to check today, and NONE of the FOUR excursions that I've booked through RCI are showing up at all in the shore excursions list. They aren't showing as sold out (which I've seen for a handful of excursions), they just aren't showing up at all. Almost as if RCI doesn't want me to see them, and see if the price has dropped. Has anyone else had this experience recently? This is definitely a new development (if it is a development), as (like I mentioned), I've checked prices on these excursions many times over the last year since we booked the cruise.
  12. With such a low differential, is it not even worth our time to try to catch the tide that day? It’s tbe only day that’s even a possibility for us to catch it, unfortunately.
  13. @masterdrago, we've decided to drive, and trying to catch a glimpse of the bore tide is intriguing. Question that you may or may not be able to answer - the link you sent (thank you!) has a list of the "best" bore tides in 2019. Unfortunately, our date (June 21) isn't on that list, but it's just a few days off, so I'm hoping that we could still see the bore tide, it just won't be as dramatic? I've poked around all over online, but can't figure out how to figure out when the bore tide would be visible from Bird Point and Beluga Point on June 21. Any chance you could help me figure that out?
  14. We are cruising in Alaska in June, ending up in Seward. We've got a rental car and are driving from Seward to Anchorage before we fly out (at 6am - UGH) the next morning. Looking for a restaurant for our "grand finale" dinner that Friday night. We'll have our teen boys with us, so we are looking for good food (they are pretty adventurous eaters), but not "fine dining" (they will be happy if they don't have to dress up). Looking for great food (we love steaks and seafood, but will eat just about anything), and a good view, or a unique atmosphere, or something generally very "Alaska-y." Thanks for any suggestions! Edited to add: just realized we may make it to Anchorage in time for lunch, so lunch suggestions would be great too!
  15. @martincath, one other question - would we need a reservation at either Tap and Barrel or Cactus Club? Or would we be ok to just walk up? I'm guessing we will be eating on the early side, Vancouver time, but I'm also assuming that area may be busy with 3 cruise ships heading out the next morning. Thank you again!
  16. Does it make any sense to request an ocean view table when we make our reservations (we are doing the ultimate dining package, so we'll make our reservations onboard), or should we just ask when we check in?
  17. Do any of the specialty restaurants on Radiance have an ocean view?
  18. Everything I read about packing for Alaska mentions (a) layers, and (b) a good rain jacket. What rain jacket do you love for an Alaska cruise? I’ve got a North Face rain jacket, but it’s super light and more water resistant-ish than really water resistant or waterproof. Would love recommendations on (or links to!) specific jackets that you like! I’m looking for me (40-something female) as well as for my two teen (13 and 15) boys. Thanks!
  19. Thank you so much, @martincath! I've seen many of your posts as I've been researching, and you are always so helpful (and patient in answering the same questions I'm sure millions of times!) This information is SO helpful. I'm thinking maybe we will plan to just do Granville Island and Stanley Park on Thursday, so we have plenty of time at both. I'm thinking maybe Granville Island in the morning until lunch, and then head over to Stanley Park for the afternoon. Then dinner near the convention center like you suggested. What would be the best way to get from Granville Island to Stanley Park? Thank you!!!
  20. Hello! We are going on a Alaskan cruise, leaving Vancouver on Friday, June 14. "We" is our family of 4 - me, DH, and two boys, ages 13 and 15. We are all fairly active. We land in Vancouver at 7pm (which will be 10pm our time) on Wednesday, June 12 and are staying at the Auberge Hotel. I'm trying to plan our too-short one day plus a morning in Vancouver (we are planning to arrive at the cruise terminal by 10:30/11am on Friday - we want to be on the ship as early as possible). I'd love some help! Here's what's currently on my "really want to do" list (in no particular order): Flyover Canada Vancouver Lookout Harbor Centre Stanley Park (I went to Vancouver 20 years ago, and my very favorite memory is riding bikes around Stanley Park. The pitch and putt may also be appealing for my golf-loving DH and DSs) Granville Island (I'm thinking we will wander around a bit, do lunch - or maybe dinner? - here, and a trip the brewery for DH and me) Omnimax at Science World (this is a maybe - depends on what is playing when we are there) Trip to BC Liquor for wine to take on the cruise ship 🙂 Good but not-too-fancy dinner for Thursday night. My kids would be thrilled if they could wear athletic shorts and t-shirts, but I could probably coax them into khaki shorts and a golf shirt. As a family, we aren't huge fans of ethnic food, so no Indian, Vietnamese, etc. Steak, pasta and seafood choices are always safe. Good atmosphere a huge plus. Outdoor dining with a good view is a plus too, but not required. No specific budget in mind - I assume our preferred dress code will automatically eliminate any $$$$ restaurant choices. Breakfast Thursday and Friday morning - we love a "hole in the wall" traditional sort of breakfast place over a fancy champagne brunch any day On my "I think I'd like to do, but I'm not positive, and I doubt we'd have time anyway" is a trip to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. On my "I think I'd like to do, but I probably need to research more first" is some sort of a helicopter ride. I did some very basic research, but wasn't even sure what we should focus on flying over. Would love any thoughts y'all might have on the most efficient order to do these things. I'm thinking we could do Flyover Canada and Vancouver Lookout Harbor Centre on Friday morning before we head to the cruise ship terminal? I'm planning to just leave our bags at the hotel, so we'll have to stop back by there to grab our bags before heading to the pier. We also would love suggestions on transportation between the various spots. Because time is tight, cost is not a huge factor (so we'll pay for a taxi if it's more efficient than waiting on/taking a bus, for example). We're also fine walking where that makes sense. Thank you so much for any suggestions - this board has been amazingly helpful!
  21. We have the ultimate dining package, so we can’t book specific times until we are on board the ship. Thank you everyone for your input!
  22. We have a cruise coming up in June on Radiance. We don't want to mess with a cash account, so we plan to put down a credit card when we do online check-in. We are getting $800 in OBC from our TA (so I assume that will be non-refundable OBC?). Will we be able to use the non-refundable OBC in the casino, subject to a 5% fee for "withdrawing" it? I'd rather pay the 5% fee than mess with settling up a cash account at the end of a cruise. If we can use the OBC in the casino, how will that work? We will want chips to play blackjack. Will they be promo chips, such that we can only cash out whatever we win? Thanks!
  23. We are coming in on Wednesday night for our Friday sailing, so we will have all day Thursday. I’m just trying to figure out how to balance squeezing the most time out of Vancouver while satisfying my Type A/OCD tendencies 😀. Sounds like OCD may just have to win out on this one.
  24. Hi! We are sailing out of Vancouver on the Radiance on June 14. Our ship is scheduled to leave port at 4:30pm. From what I've read, we should plan to arrive around 10:30 or 11 to be among the first to board the ship. We are doing the unlimited dining package. I am super Type-A and have pretty specific ideas about what time I want to eat dinner each night (and it's what I assume will be pretty in-demand times). So I'd like to get on the ship as early as possible to get my specialty dining booked. BUT, I love Vancouver, and would love for our family to have some more time in the city before we board. With that in mind, is this possible: Our family goes to the port to drop our bags with the porters. Then DH and our sons head off to explore. Meanwhile, I check in, board the ship, make our specialty dining reservations, disembark, and then meet back up with the family. (I realize that this whole process will probably take a good chunk of time.) Then closer to the "all aboard" time, our whole family goes back to the port - DH and our sons check-in, and I re-board. Would that work?
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