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  1. Sorry for resuscitating this old thread, but I figured it was better than creating a new one to ask the same question! I just wanted to make sure - so I can cancel before the deadline in my shore excursion reservation (which is June 11 for our June 14 sailing) and get a refund to my credit card, but if I cancel onboard, I can *only* get OBC? We are getting a bunch of OBC from our TA, but not until after we board. I was worried about excursions selling out, so I went ahead and booked what we wanted. I'd love to be able to cancel them close to the date if I see there are still spots available, and rebook using our TA OBC, but if I only get OBC when I cancel onboard, then that won't really help.
  2. We actually have the Kenai Fjords cruise booked. But I’m starting to second-guess, as we’ve got two active teen boys, who may have had enough “sitting and watching” by the end of the week. The flexibility of a car sounds like just the ticket. That way we can do some sightseeing, but if the boys (or we!) are ready to move on, then we can.
  3. We have a cruise in June ending in Seward, arriving at the port at 5am. I'm debating between taking the Alaska Railroad (Adventure Class - GoldStar Dome is sold out) to Anchorage (train would leave at 6pm and arrive Anchorage around 10pm) or renting a car and driving ourselves. The cost of the train vs rental car is almost the same (rental car is very slightly cheaper). I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on the pros and cons of the Railroad vs driving ourselves? In particular, I'm wondering if the route of one is particularly more scenic than the other? Other thoughts?? Thanks!!
  4. We will be sailing to Alaska in June, from Vancouver to Seward on Radiance. As we get closer to our sail date, of course I am second-guessing all of the plans that I made months and months ago! I'm wondering if people have suggestions on what to do in Seward. We booked the 11am-5:30pm Kenai Fjords Cruise through Major Marine, but we've got 13- and 15-year-old boys, and I'm starting to worry that 6 hours sitting on a boat is going to lose its appeal by about hour 2. When I started to second-guess, I went ahead and reserved a rental car, so we've got the option to do something on our own instead. A friend suggested going up to Exit Glacier as an option? Our boys are generally pretty active and enjoy things like ziplining, white water rafting, etc. Any suggestions on how to spend our day? Oh, we dock at 5am, and are planning to take the Alaska Railroad to Anchorage at 6pm.
  5. I'm wondering if anyone knows any ways to get a discount on Alaska Railroad tickets. We are interested in Goldstar Dome from Seward to Anchorage in June (after sailing on Radiance of the Seas). We are a family of 4 (two adults, two teens). Thanks!
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