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  1. Further for Work in to Cruise 2023 {sorry, I don't know how to show multi posts}, no matter how the billing was done (processed BY the travel agent or processed THROUGH them by AZ), I would want to ask for an explanation & complete breakdown re the pricing/refunding/FCCs at this time as this doesn't make sense. Our 1 & only Azamara cruise showed up on our credit card as "Cruise Payment, Vancouver" (I deal with a Vancouver Island agent/agency) in Cdn $, whereas Oceania, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Viking & others (those are the most recent) all billed under the cruise line na
  2. Yes, this must be a record! Amazing...should submit to Guinness Book of Records! Please continue to post what you do book--so we don't book the same cruise...tongue in cheek! Just for general info & comparison, similar complaints over on Oceania board about length of time for notification & refunds. These are the 2 I've been reading. We just got in a S. Pacific Oceania cruise Feb 17-Mar 5, have cancelled an Oceania Greek Isles cruise for Nov 2020 (our refunded deposit back on our credit Fri...1 business day short of 8 weeks from cancellation date, which is quicker t
  3. Aha...just found info on cruisecritic--mentions crew of 20, so they would have to reduce # of passengers.
  4. Yes, had heard of them, but not familiar & not in this area. I see their website mentions "no more than 84 guests", but do not say how many crew...although it lists 10 positions, I would think there might be more than one of 2 or 3 of those positions, so total could be very close to that 100 mark. They list some June & July 2020 departures...interesting. Not cheap either!
  5. I’ll add our experience here now that it is complete. In Aug 2019 we booked a 10-day Greek Isles cruise for Nov 2020 through our usual local travel agent (deposit in Cdn $). Cancelled this trip on Apr 6/20 & received a “Guest Cancellation Statement” same day from Oceania (forwarded by our TA). Received the deposit back on to our Mastercard credit card yesterday, so 1 business day short of 8 weeks…satisfactory enough in these times. Not sure what our plans might be for cruising on Oceania in future. We’ve had 2 cruises with them...just finished a Feb-Mar S. Pacific cruise, &
  6. Yes, our 18-day O cruise in February meant we were paying 5 months in advance also. So if yesterday was your final payment, that must mean you took the hit with the CAD350pp Admin Fee, & if you don't choose to cruise with Oceania in their specified time frame, you are out that amount. I realize this has nothing to do with COVID-19, but has come to light right now & I'm not a fan!
  7. Thank you both for your answers. I was just working on a reply after some checking, & was going to say excluding 6.0 rated cruise lines with which we have no experience, I did not find this policy on the ones we have cruised with: Celebrity (currently holding a booking for next year, so able to check the invoice), RCI, Princess, HAL, NCL, & only with Oceania with whom we cruised 1 year ago, there may have been a $50USD penalty to cancel 121+ days...certainly not $250USD/$350CAD pp. And...my main point was that the penalty with Oceania kicks in 1 month prior to final payment! It's o
  8. Agree it is there in black & white, but it is sneaky to me because I would say as far as I know/recall any other cruise I have ever booked for us (>20) only has a penalty kick in at final payment...that is usually the date that sticks in one's mind. Do any other cruise lines do this?
  9. I am reading several of the Oceania topics lately, & happened to post on one about the very issue discussed above--that penalties actually kick in 1 month prior to final payment...which I think is SNEAKY, without a doubt. We have an Oceania cruise in Nov, which we will very likely be cancelling in July (121+ days) to get all our $ back, which is why I happened to look at ALL the fine print. BTW, for Canadians, the amt is CAD $350pp. Does any other cruise line do this?
  10. Excellent point, poffles. Thanks for sharing about the carrier bit. We can't look after the planet, which is what had been a/the major news story of the past year, if we can't look after each other.
  11. excited cruise traveler - I disagree with your timing & "00%". Also, anything is up for discussion if someone is wanting to either make a point or get clarification about something. This as per O's website:
  12. Interesting topics on cc, including this one. Issues are all over the place right now. Opinions are all over the place right now. Majority of situations - all still a big question mark. Sun Queen II - sympathize with your situation, but not clear what you mean when you say you “have not received the FCC”…would it just not stay as a credit with Oceania for when you rebook (therefore no $ changing hands now)? Personally, I’m not impressed with the slowness of O to act/react, & one could say that since people get different prices on the same category of cabins depending when they
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