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  1. Grand Suite on Indy in Jan 19. We had Chops breakfast daily (including disembark day) and there was a reserved area in the Windjammer for suite guests for lunch. Lunch was not free at Chops.
  2. I'm going to second above the bridge wings on Deck 14. Great spot. Bring a drink cause it's not next to any bar.
  3. Probably not, only because I've never heard of it. What does/did it include?
  4. I've heard that some of the escape rooms allow booking through the cruise planner, but the two ships I've been on that had them didn't do bookings until embarkation day. You'll definitely want to book early, as by the 2nd day there were only two time slots available to us.
  5. I don't think you'd be able to solve the room with just two people. The puzzles are pretty good, so more minds will help, but most importantly, several of the puzzles are designed to require co-operation with 3-4 people. For instance, on the Independence there was a puzzle that required two people to sit in alcoves on the opposite sides of the room, and then a third person had to be in the middle to relay messages between them. They will definitely fill up the remaining slots with other people, but we've always had fun working with other random people.
  6. Most recent cruise for us was January. We redeemed points in November and purchased excursions during the Black Friday sale with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. We've always redeemed our credits through the BOA website and they show up a couple of days later. Always months before we sail. Maybe the addition of talking to a human adds a layer of complexity to the process that prevents these credits from appearing sooner.
  8. Hang outside of the Suite Lounge and wait for one of the Pinnacle members to walk out . . . you know they can break it!
  9. Open until 10am ONLY on Sea Days during our sailing. It was open until 9:30am during port days. We missed this and were bummed one morning when we got there right at 9:30. Oh well, lesson learned.
  10. We just did this excursion on Sept. 16th. We had a 2:39pm flight and I was a little nervous about making it to the airport in time, but there was nothing to be concerned about. On boarding, they stated that they would absolutely have us to the airport by 1pm at the latest. We were actually there before 12:30. As far as the tour, we thought it was great. I grew up in Louisiana, so for me, it was a nice nostalgic throwback. For my girlfriend, she had never seen alligators except for in zoos, so it was total novelty for her. The airboats went fast enough to create a strong breeze and cool you off in the hot sun, and you would have to hold onto your hat to make sure it didn't blow away.
  11. To back up what Bob is saying; The RC agent I spoke with that upsold my booking to a Jr. Suite on 8/1 said that I would not be receiving double points because I upgraded at a reduced offer rate.
  12. I was upsold yesterday from an Ocean Balcony to a Junior Suite. The agent I spoke with at Royal was very clear and precise in explaining what benefits we would receive and which ones we would not in comparison to Sky/Star level suites. I happily took the upgrade because the larger bathroom and balcony were what I really wanted, and viewed the additional perks as lagniappe. Sorry to hear they weren't clear with OP on their upsell, but sometimes the RC agents do get it right. Just wanted to share that perspective.
  13. I'd suggest brining more research, proof, examples and actual cost comparisons between them before crapping all over one cruise line as if the others don't have similar issues or cost add-ons.
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