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  1. It's still that way. I paid for the cruise, Granddaughter (7) has Goodwill FCC that won't be used. Fortunately I picked Option #1 for cruise canceled by Princess the day before all cruising canceled: 100% refund to method paid (cc) / 50% Goodwill FCC. Otherwise she'd have 225% useless (IMHO) FCC
  2. Well it was High Holydays and we're heading right into another set of holidays so I'm at the food table. To counteract that we went on a long long off trail walk today to check out the stream where he played with Butters. After about 3 miles Koda just laid down. I explained to him that no one at the house was going to drive up and pick us up so he just had to walk home. This guy comes up behind us stating there's no way your dog understands you and laughs. I am officially the crazy dog lady. At any rate Koda got up and walked the last mile plus home. I'm pooped but I'm doing everything I can to counteract all the food we're eating we're eating. Butters, my sister's dog https://youtube.com/shorts/RPHMwotRQuk?feature=share
  3. I purchased it with shareholder OBC and the rebate was a refundable credit.
  4. Yes and yes. There was a bowl with the tokens in the laundry room so DIY was NC Well you could but my discount just showed up in my account Just lotion tube. Cruise tote bag was delivered on the 1st day. (8/15 cruise)
  5. I used to do it maybe once or twice. But now ~~~~ Caribbean / Panama Canal - I check airfare on Tuesdays Pacific Northwest Cruise - never. Booked it July 2020 and its never come close to that price Transatlantic - did it a month ago but now it looks like I get 100 OBC if I pay $8 more. This is for a cruise I'm not even positive I'll take. Wondering if it's worth it to do it in the off chance other plans for next August die out Australia -> Asia - I've done it twice
  6. It will go back to your bank for the next eligible cruise. FWIW I have 600 goodwill obc but it can only be used on a cruise originating in Europe and expires 10/01/22. Cannot be extended. Had 15 obc but had to be used on an Alaska cruise by 10/01/21 (used last month).
  7. I can think of only 2 reasons: (1) Pfizer is applying to administer the vaccine to kids 5-11 in October so plenty of time for 7 yr old to get 2 shots [https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20210913/fda-pfizer-vaccine-kids] , trial results for those 6 months to 2 years old are expected out in November.[ https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/572385-pfizer-plans-to-seek-covid-vaccine-authorization-in-november-for-kids-under ] (2) Janssen is also studying their single dose with an effective date just 2 weeks after shot [https://www.janssenmd.com/janssen-covid19-vaccine/special-populations/pediatrics/use-of-janssen-covid19-vaccine-in-pediatric-participants] If Pfizer's 1st dose in November, if Janssen's single dose in December would make the child eligible to cruise.
  8. Grand Turk is still there .... as of now. Also excursions for that port just showed up today. Pretty sure there's nothing to do there as not much to do in Nassau.
  9. Princess also substituted Grand Turk for the 9-Dec voyage flipping our port order as well so that seems to be the trend
  10. Belle, my next cruise is from Florida and the news is scary. Plus I just heard of the 2nd person I know personally who has covid (unvaxed daughter of the Synagogue's secretary). 1st person was S's roommate who tested positive. But he had Pfizer and was not sick. Just positive. Which I guess is technically sick but he never felt sick. Weird Trying to get back on track foodwise
  11. Although that sounds positive i do not want to test positive across the country and then be stuck there. Quest & at home is more reassuring just in the off chance I'm positive
  12. My original (Grand Princess B2B 3/22/20 & 3/29/20) FCC didn't cover deposits, my October cancelation had a FCD on it which was returned as FCC but by then FCC could cover deposits if I had enough (500 covered 12/9/21 cruise). I did buy 1 more FCD on my cruise last month & it's the 3/2023 cruise deposit. I'll get 1 more in 3 months Yes. Refared 3/2023 cruise secured with FCD bought last month. Transferred all FCC to an earlier voyage where there wasnt a price break. This price was only $2 lower but added 100 OBC (solo obstructed balcony)
  13. Well normally it wouldn't make sense to me either except I've got a lot of FCC, I'm a solo traveler, and it's the same price booking it myself. So they let me use my FCC to pay for the hotel and transfers instead of pulling dollars out of my pocket
  14. Did your voyage separate out the pre-cruise hotel paid by Princess from the actual cruise? My hotel is 12/8/21 - 12/9/21 & the cruise is 12/9/21 - 12/19/21 but it shows on MC as 12/8/21 - 12/19/21. I'm pretty sure the issue is the Princess hotel but not sure what the workaround is
  15. Glad it's relaxing. I'll buy them again in Florida
  16. (US embarkations, UK may differ) I was unable to carry them on in August. Did anyone have success or see anyone carrying flowers on? I'm willing to try again in December if unable to get onboard
  17. IMHO it depends on the ship. Regal / Royal have 'regular' Chicos clothes (missing Princess logo) at less than at the store so 10% + their discount + tax-free is something. Majestic just had Gucci, expensive jewelry (think effy on steroids), and I couldn't afford to walk into other stores. I'm hoping the Emerald & Ruby Princess stores are more reasonable But I am using the internet @ $5 a day and taking ship excursions for now (sticking to a bubble in Caribbean 12/21) so to me it is a benefit 😉
  18. I don't know about UK but in Seattle the yellow line was significantly shorter and just for secondary screening. But don't they test you at the pier anyway across the pond?
  19. Can you do anything other than Ocean Ready on the app?? I can get DMW on cruises clear out to 2022 but not on my remaining 2021 booking! Is it just me?
  20. Can you do anything other than Ocean Ready on the app?? I can get DMW on cruises clear out to 2022 but not on my remaining 2021 booking! Is it just me?
  21. Actually I can understand waiting when I have a boatload of OBC so that I can use that. Might wait on my 2022 cruises
  22. Yes, I emailed my PVP and bought it at $10 day × 7 days with $34.97 back as refundable OBC. Also spent $99.90 for December 2021 cruise & will have 1/2 back as OBC.
  23. And I’ll be with her for the 9-Dec voyage 🙂 Can you let me know who these are? > Captain > Chief Engineer > Director of Restaurant Operations > Hotel General Manager > Captains Circle Host thx!
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