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  1. Thanks for the reply. I was not sure if it was like a airport where you can actually check your bags at the ticket counter inside or outside at the curb. We do not want to carry our bags around until rooms open so I guess just drop them off outside.
  2. Simple question. Can you check your bags inside during the check in process or do you have to drop the bags off outside with a porter. When my family sailed on Symphony out of Miami we dropped our bags outside but they were just placed on a giant cart. I really did not feel safe leaving the bags out in the open as inbound passengers were leaving and outbound passengers were showing up. There was confusion with the madhouse of people coming and going. Now we did get our bags and had no issues so I have no complaints. However for the next cruise I was just curious can we actually bring the bags inside the terminal and drop them off when we check in. When we did Harmony out of FLL the process seemed a little better as they took our bags away as soon as we handed them over. In MIA they just sat on the cart where anybody really had access to them. It just left a uneasy feeling.
  3. Here is a question more out of curiosity. When you buy something usually the credit card company gets a cut. So say Visa takes a small percentage of every transaction as their fee and how they make their money. So when we buy a beverage package some percentage say .5% or 1% of the price goes to Visa or Mastercard etc..... So I assume every time we buy a package, then refund it, and then buy it again at a lower price Royal Caribbean gets hit with these fees which I assume add up over time. Just curious why Royal does not do something like a deposit. Where you buy the drink package and then pay a deposit of say 100 dollars with the balance due 90 days before sailing. Then if we cancel and rebook it saves the hassles of having a credit posted to our credit card account and then a recharge for the lower price. Plus it would save Royal on paying all those credit card fees (not that I really care how much Royal pays in fees). There just has to be an easier way then the current way of looking for a lower price, cancel, then rebook it.
  4. I am looking at a cruise out of San Juan on Freedom. It says arrives back at San Juan at 6AM. I would imagine 7AM would be the first that passengers are allowed off. I know that San Juan has a agricultural inspection and the airport is crowded on weekends. Would a 11AM flight be ok or 1130AM. I do not want to spend the entire day at the San Juan airport waiting for a later flight. I also do not want to take a chance and miss a flight around 11AM. This is my first time in and out of San Juan. I would probably be taking a cab from the pier back to the airport if that matters.
  5. Just curious... Whatever happened to Bobby Brown. I was on what ended up being one of his last sailing on Symphony earlier this year. It was then said he was going to help on Spectrum but I have not seen his name pop back up. I have only been on 2 cruises but I am always curious as to where the Captain and Cruise Director from those 2 cruises are doing these days. Sorry If it was posted awhile back as I did not want to page through numerous replies.
  6. I saw a blurb in a newspaper talking about Allure and the new dining option Portside BBQ. It sounds great and I really like BBQ. The article did not mention if this would be free or included with cruise fare or would this be a specialty dining like a playmakers where you pay per item. Anybody have any info on this new eatery once Allure and I guess Oasis get their makeover.
  7. Just curious. The UK website shows all available cabins while the US one does not. Just wondering why does Royal show all cabins on one but not the other. Is it some sort of Government regulation in the UK. I know I used the UK site to see what was open before calling to make my booking. Just seems strange that Royal would try and hide open cabins on one site when the information is available on another if they were trying to hide it for competition reasons. Anybody have any insight. Thanks
  8. I think a B2B might not be for me. I realize the ports would be different which would be nice and not having to pack and unpack to go on a different ship would also be nice. However, I think by day 3 or 4 of the second leg I would probably be saying ok I need something a little different now.
  9. I was thinking about doing a Freedom cruise out of San Juan. I have never done this class of ship as I have only been on Oasis class of ships (which I really enjoy). However I am interested in going to the other islands that Oasis class does not go like St. Lucia and Barbados. My main question is what type of chairs are on the balcony staterooms. In the pictures posted here some of the pictures show what appears to be an older style chair with straps that does not recline or have an adjustable back on it. Some other pictures show a newer style chair that does have an adjustable back. My parents had gone on Oasis several years ago and said they had that older style chair and found it uncomfortable. However I have had the newer style on both Harmony and Symphony and loved it and found it very relaxing. So did Freedom get new chairs and replace the old ones or is it only certain cabins like suites that have these chairs. If the ship leaves at 8pm what time can you actually board. Can you still board early like around 11am or noon like I did on Oasis class that had a 4 or 5pm sail away. Overall what was everyone's experience with Freedom (mind you I will be coming from an Oasis class which I loved things like Central Park and the Boardwalk which I know Freedom does not have). Thanks
  10. I recently got back from a cruise on Symphony (which I really enjoyed) and was intrigued by doing a B2B. I had a question or two about the experience for people who have done it. I would like the idea of staying in the same cabin and not having to pack and unpack and then continue on another cruise. My concern would be is there enough things to do and eat. For example on Symphony we saw the Ice Skating (1977), Flight, and The Aqua show (HIRO). I did enjoy all 3 but not sure I would want to see them all again so soon as in the next week. If I did another cruise a year from now on Symphony I would see the shows again but 2 times in 2 weeks not sure about that. Plus we ate at all the free places, Park Café, The Doghouse, Sorrento's, Windjammer, and Solarium Bistro. However by day 7 we were a little tired of pizza, sausages, and buffets even though we enjoyed all of it. So I guess my question is for the people who have done B2B how do you handle things like entertainment and food without getting bored and trying to change things up for week 2.
  11. I am a huge fan of chicken wings and have a couple of questions. Has anybody had the Caribbean jerk wings from room service and if so were they any good in terms of flavor and taste. I would like to try something different other than the normal flavors. How are the wings in playmakers in terms of taste and flavor. Is it worth the cost or are they your typical average wings with the standard hot, mild, bbq sauces.
  12. With the various recent posts/questions about formal nights I would just like to see what other cruisers experience is. I have a upcoming cruise on Symphony. Our group is thinking about doing the Solarium Bistro on Formal night as an alternative. I realize that in the main dining room not everyone dresses up and we could still eat there if we wanted. However the question is in the Solarium would that also be formal "suggested" attire. If it will be "formal" in both main dining room and solarium then we might just stick with the buffet. If formal is only in the main dining room and the Solarium is more business casual or nice shirt and pants we would give the solarium a try. Anybody cruise Symphony (or even Harmony) recently and would care to share their observations Thanks
  13. I will be on my 2nd cruise next year and am obviously inexperienced at these options. Thanks in advance for the answers What nights are formal nights I want to say there are 2 of them? If I do a reservation in the Solarium Bistro on formal night will it be formal in there as well or is that just main dining room? I am not a fan of getting all dressed up while on vacation and while I do not plan to wear shorts and T Shirt to Dinner I also do not want a suit. When doing My Time dining it seems like I have to make each reservation separate and then checkout and start over. Is there not a easy way to make say 4 or 5 nights at the same time. I would like to just make them all for the same time each day but cannot figure out how to do that. Looks like 1 day at a time.
  14. I agree with giving them cash. Let them decide what they need or want. The other point I have not seen mentioned is how are they supposed to get all these "gifts" home. After they finish their rotation and need to board a flight to go home, how much spare room in their suitcases do they have for these "gifts" and if they need to check an extra bag or their bag is now overweight how much will the airlines now charge them to take all these "gifts" home. It is like at Christmas time do you want some ugly sweater that your aunt put thought into or would you rather have a generic Visa gift card to go get what you actually want. Of course we tell Aunt so and so what a great sweater but in reality it goes in the back of the closet never to be seen again.
  15. Yes, I forgot to take into consideration about OBC credits and how that would affect the total costs or perceived value. My questions stems from the short time I have been looking at cruise prices and the various "sales" Royal has and trying to determine what is actually a good deal or not. Again I know time of year and how close far away sailing date is would matter. I see they also will throw in a drink / food package or gratuity as a perk. I know it is not a cut and dry question that can be answered but I thank those that have given their response. What I have seen at least the dates I have looked for that I am interested in is between 1800-2100 for Oasis/Allure for outside balcony and have not seen it go any lower and that usually has a 100 OBC with it.
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