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  1. Agree. I use this thread as proof to my friends that I'm not the only cruise mad person remaining on the planet. So keep booking everyone and post here so that I can show my friends whom I'm trying to convince to sail!!
  2. From your lips to God's ears. Have a wonderful cruise. I loved the Oasis. We're too chicken to go this year, we're sitting out until late next year. I'm literally counting the days and watching cruise embarkation videos on Youtube. I've probably seen all of the Symphony embarkation videos at least twice. 🤣
  3. You know, you might be on to something there. That's a pretty good idea. Except I'd still be fearful for the onboard staff, vaccinated or not.
  4. Absolutely correct. That's one of the first things I learned in grad school. Science and peer-reviewed journals are the gold standard.
  5. Just read today that an eighth neighborhood, the Suite Neighborhood, is being introduced on RCCI's fifth Oasis-class ship. Am I late to this news? How/where on the ship will space be segregated for suite guests a restaurant and other separate spaces? I stay in suites, but I'm not sure how I feel about this news.
  6. My cuz is a retired Queens homicide detective! He's in his mid-to late 50s. This is a great thread. I feel like a newbie. Our first cruise was in 2001 right after my father died. Been loyal to Royal since 2002. Things have changed drastically since then, yes. But I still love it and can't wait to go again. We're booked for 2022.
  7. Yeah. I think after this year and if we have to get vaccinated at that time, I'll relax. We do have a cruise booked for Dec. 2022, so I'm hoping by then, this thing will be better under control. Prayers for your mom.
  8. And if you can, post your embarkation video up to Youtube!!! I literally go there hoping to see new uploads! Often!!
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