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  1. I was on the the same Western Med Explorer sailing (23rd Aug) and was only allowed to transfer to the Harmony Western Med itinerary. Eastern Med was not allowed which ruled out the Odessey.
  2. I've spoken to two different Rc advisors now and have been told you cannot swap a western med for an eastern med cruise so I'm assuming that's the same for the caribbean 😞
  3. Hi, I've been told I cannot change my August Explorer med cruise to Odyssey med cruise as they cover different parts of the med and it would have to be a Harmony cruise. They have also said I would need to pay extra taxes as they are are higher on the harmony than the explorer, is this correct?
  4. Does anyone know if lift and shift covers cruises booked in the UK. My travel agent has had no details on it and so doesn't know yet. Many thanks
  5. France and the UK have roughly the same amount of population. Latest records for 2020 actually show UK has slightly higher population.
  6. I hadn’t realised that little Britain, I had assumed I would have to rebook with the same travel agent. Thanks for the info that’s good to know.
  7. Thank you littlebritain I didn’t know we could use price drop in the UK. I booked with cruise.co.uk but have found it impossible to get hold of them at the moment to ask questions.
  8. Thank you everyone for all your replies, I'm now thinking it would probably be best to transfer the cruise to next summer but it is so much more expensive than the price we paid. If we postpone the cruise do we have to rebook immediatly or will we be offered a credit to apply at a later date? In the UK we don't have the option to take advantage of price drops so the price is locked in when we book.
  9. Hi, due to cruise on the Explorer in August, do you think now the 100 day rule has come into force that the ship will not come over to the med at all as it will be too late to start the season. Just wondering wether to pay the full payment in a few weeks. Thank you
  10. Hi just wondered if anyone knows in the light of what’s happening what will happen about the refits due in Spain shortly. I’m due to go on the explorer late summer. Will they cancel/ delay refit and if so can I ask for a refund/credit if the ship isn’t going to have the extra facilities I thought the ship would have ie slides/laser tag. many thanks
  11. Thanks guys, really helpful information. Very excited to try a balcony cabin but so many variables to find the perfect one. Think the hump is favorite at the moment 👍🏻
  12. Hi, there we are thinking of booking the explorer of the seas next year. We’ve only ever stayed in internal cabins but want to treat ourselves to a balcony. There will be 3 of us in a cabin and my question is which part of the ship do I book for a sunny balcony. Currently looking at aft 7388/7688 or 1688 do these balcony’s get a good amount of sun or are they shaded by the over hang or should I go midship on the hump? Thanks in advance for your advice 😊
  13. I booked 7.15pm mtd each night for my upcoming cruise on the navigator so Popular times are available but i had to keep checking the planner for this time as wasn't available to start with.
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