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  1. Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply, I will give them a call in the morning and see if its bookable. Fingers crossed.
  2. Great thank you for that advice, I didn’t realise Greenock was back on for July. Only problem is for some reason the website only allows to book a 7 night round trip and not the 4 night to Greenock 😞
  3. Hi, I wanted to book the four night Southampton to Greenock this Saturday but understand this is not possible due to it not going to Greenock. Does anyone know if I book the 7 night instead am I allowed to disembark early at another stop ie Liverpool or Belfast as I’m unable to stay the full 7 days due to work commitments. Many thanks
  4. Great info thank you. Can you tell me did you use the free nhs home kit for the pre covid test and just show email from that or do you need a paid test. Thank you and enjoy your cruise.
  5. Thank you for the WiFi advice, I think I may wait until onboard and see what it’s like as well. My kids won’t be able to live without social media 🙄
  6. My travel agent said I probably won’t need to purchase WiFi for my 4 night seacation as 4g should work as we will remain close to the Uk and have unlimited data,. Is this correct or do I need to purchase WiFi?
  7. Does anyone know if you want to book 2 cabins, one for us and one for the kids can you apply the voyager club discount to both rooms or is it only applicable on one cabin?
  8. Ok thank you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed the rules go in my favour 🤞
  9. I am also on Harmony this year and if cancelled i want to lift and shift to Odyssey. Are we only allowed to shift to Allure even though both sail from Rome?
  10. Any idea why the Explorer of the seas is showing on the Gibraltar port schedule for summer season 2021. Have they got it mixed up with Adventure of the seas? Was trying to work out what he new 4/5 day cruises dates/ports would be on the Adventure.
  11. I was on the the same Western Med Explorer sailing (23rd Aug) and was only allowed to transfer to the Harmony Western Med itinerary. Eastern Med was not allowed which ruled out the Odessey.
  12. I've spoken to two different Rc advisors now and have been told you cannot swap a western med for an eastern med cruise so I'm assuming that's the same for the caribbean 😞
  13. Hi, I've been told I cannot change my August Explorer med cruise to Odyssey med cruise as they cover different parts of the med and it would have to be a Harmony cruise. They have also said I would need to pay extra taxes as they are are higher on the harmony than the explorer, is this correct?
  14. Does anyone know if lift and shift covers cruises booked in the UK. My travel agent has had no details on it and so doesn't know yet. Many thanks
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