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  1. On our recent cruise we had the 250 minute each booking perk and our 30 minute Platinum perk. Our cruise included South Pacific Islands to Australia to New Zealand. We have Comcast and could never sign in on the ship, used many options and never worked. Asked the Internet Manager and he tried to help but he didn't help. I think it all depends on where you travel, what your service is. We were also able to get wifi from our t-mobile phone service in ports that allowed us to get our emails and text our family and friends for $5 a day. Phone calls were high though. So if you have gotten the 250 free wifi as a perk, don't expect to get much if you are Comcast. if you are in international waters.
  2. Don't know the cost right now but it is an adult only pass to a private sundeck and private bar area. They only sell to so many people for the full time you are cruising. If you are a single or couple without kids and you are traveling when there are going to be lots of kids on the cruise, it is worth every cent. You need to get to where they are being sold as soon as you get on the ship, they get sold out fast.
  3. There are no candy options other than being in gift shop, OP was asking if those were available and also salty snacks and if she can bring them on board. Yes she can.
  4. At lunch in the Garden Buffet there are usually potato chips and tortilla chips and there are always pretzel rolls that are like Philly soft pretzels. No sweet candy treats though.
  5. Thank you, that is what I remember. Traveling with family and they wanted to know about the pool table.
  6. We were typing at the same time. I am not sure if GTY is the same as sail away booking.
  7. If you originally booked GTY and they have already assigned you your cabin, you should be able to get a price adjustment prior to final payment. If you were not original GTY, then you are not in the same category as GTY in this case you would need to cancel and rebook GTY, but you would also forfeit any perks original booked.
  8. Anyone know if there is one on the Jewel and where?
  9. You are so right, thank you for your advise. I went into this with the thought that I was happy with what I booked. Asked, and got the upgrade. Was happy with my original cabin, but now am thrilled.
  10. Thank you for your advise. we called our TA and went back and forth with our phone calls with her calling NCL. We ended up with same perks and got upgraded from a Aft Penthouse Suite to a Family 2 Bedroom Suite. Asked for the cabin we wanted also and no extras. Was just thrilled with the upgrade. I think this only happens on cruises that are not sold out. All other cruises, and we have taken many, we have only been able to do the bidding process.
  11. Thank you, I understand that we won't get money back. Just wanted thoughts about probability of an upgrade.
  12. I have an aft penthouse suite booked on a cruise I am on in a few weeks. Just checked price and although their are no aft penthouse suites available there are 2 bedroom family suites at a significantly lower price than what I paid. I booked through a travel agent, do I need to contact her or can I contact NCL directly. Is it possible to upgrade to the 2 bedroom and get reimbursed for the difference in price?
  13. Price is lower for a 2 bedroom family suite than what we paid for our penthouse aft. I booked through a travel agent, do I need to call her, or can I deal directly with NCL? Cruise is in a few weeks.
  14. We are in an Aft SF suite on our 2019 Tahiti to Sydney cruise. We are getting Butler and Concierge service. I do remember seeing that NCL was going to change the Aft Suite perks going forward. My advise is to call NCL and ask your questions so you can make your decision as to what cabin catogory you choose.
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