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  1. We are in an Aft SF suite on our 2019 Tahiti to Sydney cruise. We are getting Butler and Concierge service. I do remember seeing that NCL was going to change the Aft Suite perks going forward. My advise is to call NCL and ask your questions so you can make your decision as to what cabin catogory you choose.
  2. Hi Kim, been following along on many of your cruise reviews including this one. Sending prayers for healing for you. I know you will get through this and glad that your recent surgery was successful. Hang in there girl. Judy
  3. Your Daily will give you all the options for each day of your cruise for all daily and nightly entertainment. Plenty of options.
  4. Husband and I will be doing a B2B starting in Tahiti to Sydney then Sydney to Aukland with one night in Auckland before we fly back to the states. We have the same cabin for both cruises so will be bringing luggage off in Sydney. We both have prescriptions so I will leave those in the original pharmacy containers. We also take a lot of supplements which I usually put in baggies to save room. By the time we get to Aukland we will only have 1 night and 1 morning worth of supplements, maybe 24 pills - 2 or 4 of each supplement. My question is, will this be a problem? Do the authorities just confiscate them, or do you go through a big ordeal?
  5. Thank you OzKiwiJJ, great suggestions!
  6. We will be cruising NZ in early December. Really want to be outside and seeing as much of the animals and nature of NZ. We are not bus people, we want to be up close and on our feet. Our ports are Dunedin, Akaroa, Marlborough, Wellington, Napier and Tauranga. Of these ports which would be the best to see the penguins, seals and birds that are native to the NZ area? And any recommendations of tours that get you off the bus and out and about? Or boat excursions?
  7. Have read many of your excellent reviews, this one included. I noticed that your drinks had a straw in them. Last NCL cruise I took was last summer and straws were banned. Did you bring your own? Hope you make a full a fast recovery!
  8. Have you tried sending an email to Vivian Ewart? Not sure of her position at NCL think she is pretty high up. Others have had success contacting her and getting their concerns resolved, her email, it is vewart@ncl.com
  9. I was scheduled on the cruise after you that was cancelled. I got a full refund and full next cruise benefit for the cancellation within a few weeks. Still waiting for the airline change flight money to come from NCL, but got acknowledgment that it is forthcoming in a check. Those that were from NZ and Australia took a lot longer to get their refunds, but I think in the most part they got the compinsation they were promised. The one person from the cancelled CC roll call that had a problem found out that their credit card expiration date had expired so was invalid and could not have their refund issued to the credit card. Check that to make sure that is not an issue. You will get it resolved just keep on top of it. NCL will make it right for you. Glad you got to visit most of your ports.
  10. Thank you all for the response. Never had this question before because it was always just me and my DH and booked a table for 2 online or by phone. I got a not so informed NCL rep on the phone when i initially called last week to inquire about booking a table for 4. Her 1st response was to have my travel agent take care of it. My response - I like to take care of these things myself through NCL. Then she proceeded to advise me that I needed to call NCL Universal Department and have the cabins linked???? All I want to do is have dinner at a table for 4! So I will call again and hopefully get a different NCL agent. Thank you!
  11. What if it's a set fee restaurant - Moderno and Teppanyaki, will I get charged for them pre- cruise?
  12. My husband and I have 5 SDP, my brother and SIL also have the 5 SDP. How do I go about booking specialty dining for both cabins - pre cruise so that we can be at the same table.
  13. No cost to us, but could change out 2 dinners for 2 and take them out to dinner as a welcome to your first cruise! Wonderful!
  14. Doing a B2B and am Platinum Latitude. Will I get all of my perks at the beginning of the cruise or will they be given on each leg of the cruise? Will I be able to save perks to use on the second part of the cruise? I am particularly asking about the dining Platinum perks. We will be traveling on the first leg with friends that are taking their 1st NCL cruise. Want to meet up with them at dinner but they would have to pay for the dinners we get free with Latitude so was wondering if I can save the vouchers for the second cruise?
  15. Thank you for the info. I don't really care if we have to do the muster again but I will check with guest services. We are in the same cabin on both cruises and we have an Aft suite for the first time ever, non Haven. We plan to get off the ship, we will be disembarking in Sydney, Australia and want to spend the day seeing as much as we can. It will be nice not having to pack up anything! I think the sparkling wine is also a suite perk also. Do you remember what other perks come with the suite? I know butler does. Were you able to eat breakfast and lunch in Cagneys.
  16. Gets even odder. On myncl there is one reservation number, showing the 10 day cruise which is the second B2B? When I click on view reservation the entire 27 day trip shows up. No where is it showing the 1st 17 day cruise individually. There is only one online check in for the entire 27 day cruise. I have company this weekend and my TA doesn't work weekends, so I think I will call NCL on Monday. Don't really care how it's set up as long as we get the Latitude perks for each leg of the cruise. Unless you think there is any other benefit for having them show as individual bookings. I will also ask on the cruise roll call, many of whom are also doing B2B, some even doing 3 and 4 B2B.
  17. Single - one cup with individual filters. Sort of a single serve pod in a filter form. Put water in the reservoir add filter full of coffee and press start. Non of the coffee on NCL is to my liking. You will get creamer, sugar and coffee replenished each day.
  18. Thanks for your response, you are always a wealth of info! There are no 27 day offerings from Peepete to Auckland showing on NCL website, I just did a cruise search and they are coming up individually. Showing a 17 day and 10 day which is what i booked with a TA, but showing as one cruise of 27 days. Do you know if B2B usually show 2 booking numbers/itinerary. I guess I will have to check with my TA to confirm. Being Platinum with NCL, I want to make sure we get the extra laundry and 2 extra dining perks for the second leg of the cruise.
  19. I booked a suite for my upcoming Jewel cruise. I know I don't have Haven benefits but could someone tell me what benefits I will get with the SF - suite.
  20. Doing B2B, but my booking only has 1 reservation number. Is it still considered 2 cruises and will I receive Platinum perks for each leg of the cruise?
  21. Thank you! Do they have mask and snorkel for use?
  22. Thank you , we booked the Manave. Husbands choice, little bit less money, and want to go to the Blue Banana Restaurant which is in walking distance. You are a wealth of info on these islands.It is our first visit and know I will be asking many more questions as i plan this cruise. Do you have any posted cruise reviews?
  23. Hello, I will be departing on a cruise from Papeete. Our flight is overnight, 14 hours long + layover for connection. We are arriving at 5AM in Papeete the day before cruise. Figure we will be very tiered and jet lagged. So was looking at either Manava Suite Resort or the Intercontinental Tahiti, so we can relax by the pool and hopefully store luggage before afternoon check in. Would appreciate any advise on which resort is better for pool, rooms, food. Is either within walking distance to a grocery?
  24. You got it so right, but vacation is what we need so we plan on!
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