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  1. Yes there was; the open air taxis or you can make arrangements with a private taxi to pick up at a certain time. We opted to take the open air taxis and leave when we wanted instead of committing to a time.
  2. It was $5 each way for the taxi...this was one of the better ports as far as taxis go; very easy and felt safe!!!
  3. luckychef....we had an amazing trip!! St. Thomas was one of the better ports for taxi organizing...it was very, very easy. Got off the ship, followed the signs to the right for taxis. There were 2 people directing people for where they wanted to go. We told them we were looking to go to Magens Bay, he organized our ride...within 5 minutes we were on our way. We stayed at Magens Bay till around 1h...was also very easy taking the open-air taxi back to the port. Enjoy your trip!! 😊
  4. Considering booking a cruise for March 1, 2020 on the Norwegian Bliss from New York to Orlando/Bahamas - I would really appreciate any feedback or experience from other cruisers that have done a similar cruise that time of year...weather? rough seas? etc....we have only done 1 southern cruise from San Juan, looking to compare. TIA.
  5. We will be docked at Crown Bay - Our plan for the day in St-Thomas is 1) go to Magens Bay as early as possible and have lunch there and leave around 1h; 2) go to Paradise Point for about 1hr or so and 3) back to ship around 3h ish. My question is: 1) Will there be taxis readily available at Magens Bay and Paradise Point to just transfer between areas; 2) Should we request our initial driver from the port to pick us up at Magens Bay at a certain time and bring us to PP. Really not sure how to go about - This is our first cruise, so a little nervous!! TIA
  6. I believe so....That's what we are hoping also...the app says that you are able to so fingers crossed!!
  7. So, we are still able to grab a private taxi to go about our day? Will they be just outside the port area? I presume there will be signs....sorry for all the questions, like I said we are cruise newbies!! LOL.
  8. This is our first cruise (2 couples) and our plan for the day in St. Thomas was to grab a taxi and go to Magen's Bay early morning, have lunch there and head to Paradise Point early afternoon and then back to the port (we are docked at Crown Bay)....I am unsure reading the comments if this is still possible....can anyone advise? I'm a little worried!! TIA
  9. We are also planning to do the same as your Option #2....Head to Magens Bay early, have lunch and then do Paradise Point and back to the ship (Celebrity) at Crown Bay. My main concern right now is the taxi issue is St. Thomas (see other threads on this)....hoping to be able to stick with our plan!! I really wasn't interested in doing an excursion either because most offered included long times for shopping, which we weren't interest in. Lets see how this goes...we sail out on April 6
  10. Looks beautiful!!! This is exactly what we are planning to do here in Antigua...thanks for the pics
  11. We are also cruise "newbies" and will be taking our first cruise this April...this forum is amazing for getting any information you need or questions you may have. Enjoy your planning and your cruise!!
  12. Thanks for sharing Jim_lain....I am also following her voyage since we will be sailing on the Summit on April 6. I thought she was already in dry dock today but guess not. As always, love reading the posts on here and find out what's going on!!
  13. We are also on the April 6th sailing...Summit goes into dry dock tomorrow, February 15 in Bahamas....Can't wait!!!
  14. We are thinking of doing either the St. Kitts Catamaran Sail and Nevis Beach Getaway or St. Kitts Catamaran Sail & Snorkel or the Fan-to-Sea one through Celebrity for our St. Kitts port....any experience cruisers on here with feedback will be appreciated on pros and cons.
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