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    Upgrade offer confusion

    Thank you. I emailed them to ask what the issue was.
  2. fsr44

    Upgrade offer confusion

    I made a bid, and when I go back to the link, it shows that I bid, but I didn't receive and confirmation email. Do they confirm receipt of your bid via email (whether or not it's accepted)?
  3. fsr44

    New Year's Eve on Reflection?

    Thank you for replying. This sounds wonderful. I can't wait!
  4. Hi, We've cruised Celebrity before, but this will be our first time at sea on New Year's Eve. That also happens to be embarkation day. What can we expect in terms of an evening celebration? I know the first night out is usually casual, but I wouldn't mind getting dressed up for New Year's Eve. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, fsr44
  5. fsr44

    Just boarded the Reflection!

    Hi! Thanks for posting. I'll be on the Reflection in March (can't wait)! I've read a couple of posts here indicating that the new wifi on Reflection does not work with older iphones and Ipads. Lamentably, I have both (iphone 4s and an original ipad) . . . do I have any hope that they will work? Thank you for any info!
  6. fsr44

    A picnic or music on the lawn on Eclipse?

    I was on the Jan. 2 Eclipse cruise and they did the wine and cheese concert exactly as pictured here by another poster. They set out those blankets as well as little pads to sit on. It was listed on the front page of the daily, held at 7:30pm (same time as the senior officer party, but we chose this instead and were glad we did). Can't remember which night.
  7. fsr44

    Eclipse Review, Jan. 2nd Sailing

    We skipped the Select/Elite event too! The concert just sounded too special to miss. And I LOVED the cricket effect. ;) So glad you had a good time, too!
  8. fsr44

    Eclipse Review, Jan. 2nd Sailing

    Re: the food...it's fair to say that my perspective and qualifiers are the same as Bamakeith's...I'm an avid, accomplished cook and I'm a tough judge of good food, and will seek it out at both interesting "dives" and high end places. Also, I completely agree with him re: Celebrity desserts. They're just not a strong point and never have been. Since I don't have much of a sweet tooth, that's not an issue for me as long as the meal is terrific. But don't get your hopes up about either the desserts or the coffee. The rest is fabulous. Re: the lawn concert...I can't remember what day it was held, but it was at 7:30pm, while we were sailing and was billed as "Wine and Cheese Concert." The jazz trio was set up right in front of where the glass show is held. On the lawn in front (and I have to tell you, this was so pretty and unexpected that when we arrived, I gasped), they set up seat cushions and lap blankets, with little blue battery operated candles scattered about. Simple, but so nice and unexpected. Waiters took drink orders and brought over platters for each couple consisting of several cheeses, some dried fruit and crackers. It wasn't crowded, and the experience of sitting under a blanket with bare toes on the lawn, under the stars, while good music played, good wine flowed and the ship steamed along was just magical. For my money, the best idea Celebrity has had. Simple, but really lovely. Don't miss it.
  9. fsr44

    Hilarious Negative Review Cmts

    At the very beginning of my recent cruise I overheard a woman berating an officer that her suite was NOT the same size as the other suites in her class and no matter how many times he patiently explained that the ____ suites are all identical, she just got more heated insisting that they weren't. I'm sure she had no idea how ridiculous she sounded. There is an upside to these complaint/reviews. During our cruise, every time a crewmember said "good morning", my husband would turn to me and (referring to CC posts say) "they're so unfriendly." For every delicious meal "wow, the food is really slipping." Likewise re: various cabin complaints. I think we enjoyed the cruise all the more because it exceeded the expectations we formed reading some of those reviews! ;)
  10. Ship - Eclipse Deck - 11 Cabin # - 1582 Class – AQ Starboard or Port Side - Starboard Bed near?(balcony or bath) – bath Quiet Cabin (With comments on problems. Note if connecting. ) – quiet. Occasional footsteps above or sound of chair moving, but not loud enough to disturb. Even when the band was playing upstairs, it wasn't a problem. Slept like a baby. Balcony View - Give comments on view, noting if location of any obstructions was an issue. – Overhang, but no obstruction Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? - Normal Was wind a problem? Never If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? None Any other comments? Very comfortable.
  11. Review of Eclipse, Jan. 2, 2011 I'm posting this in the hope that it will be as helpful to a CC reader as many of the reviews and comments were to me while I was planning this cruise. First, the disclaimer: individual cruise styles differ and my idea of a great cruise may not be yours. For example, we did not get off the ship at a single port, preferring instead to enjoy the ship's amenities for the entire cruise. Also, we generally prefer the smaller musical performances to the production shows. We're both 'foodies' but our expectations of the food are tempered by the understanding that there are limitations when serving thousands of guests. Finally, with the exception of one cruise with the ( late, lamented) Delta Queen Cruises, we have only cruised with Celebrity (aboard Horizon, Millenium, Infinity and Century) so I cannot offer any comparisons to other ships or cruise lines. Here goes...Embarkation in Miami was a drag. There had been a customs problem in clearing the ship and it was 1 or so before we could board. It was not my impression that this was anything Celebrity could control. On the plus side, disembarkation was easy. We proceeded to our assembly area at 8.25 and we were through customs and in a cab by 8:55. The ship itself is just gorgeous. Very impressive. Loved the atrium, the solarium ( will gladly trade the Tpool for the larger, airier surroundings and plentiful lounge chairs). Another plus was the much larger spa...more treatment rooms meant no problem getting spa appointments (facial was good, massage was outstanding). Also thought the Oceanview Cafe design was a great improvement over the M class, and I loved having much more room and comfier seating in the Oceanview Bar. I was nervous about the ship feeling too big with too many people, but despite the fact that it was booked solid, it never, ever felt crowded. No problem getting a lounge chair in sun or solarium all week, no lines anywhere, and never a wait no matter when we turned up at Blu. I'll admit that I thought the Lawn Club was a silly idea, but it's just wonderful. and the wine and cheese concert under the stars was a highlight of the trip. We were in AQ 1582 ( bed by bathroom). I thought the cabin was well-designed and quite comfortable. The bathroom is a huge step up from their other ships. Plenty of storage, great shower (love the doors rather than a curtain), great lighting and just beautiful. Had no issues with storage in the cabin, despite having 2 huge suitcases and 2 carry-ons. Had no trouble reaching the very large cupboards over the bed. and while there's no shelf in the closet, there was plenty of room. Under the clothes rod there are 2 smaller fold down rods so you could double stack blouses over slacks. The overhang on the balcony didn't bother us...lots of places to get sun on the ship, nice to sit and have coffee or read a book in the shade. However, on at least one morning we had very bright direct sunlight on the veranda, so it's not always shaded. The only thing I'd change in terms of furnishings is that the bedside tables are really tiny. The service was as we've come to expect from Celebrity...efficient, professional and friendly. We enjoyed the food in Blu so much that other than one dinner at Qsine, we ate there every night. It was a bonus to feel that we'd eaten well, but avoided the unpleasant overstuffed feeling. I will book AQ again for Blu alone, in a heartbeat. We enjoyed the Eclipse show...not in the same league as Cirque, but far above most cruise shows. And we loved the a capella group, catching most of their shows. I hope this was helpful. just my opinion...your mileage may vary. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have, but please be patient...I'm back to school tomorrow and won't have as much time to spend on CC as I did during break. ;) Jenna
  12. WVUFan, I love your post and couldn't agree more. And thank you for your service to our country. I confess, I don't understand the desire to fly the flag from one's cruiseship balcony. It no more demonstrates "patriotism" than wearing an NFL jersey demonstrates that one is a football player. It is, however, much easier to wear or fly a flag than to defend one's country in battle, or in a political office or by performing any "homeland" service to one's fellow citizens. Here's a thought... rather than packing a flag, which is, after all, only a symbol, if patriotism is important to you during your cruise, why not pack a copy of the US Constitution to read on your balcony? It's small, light, powerful and contains everything you need to know about our form of government. It won't offend anyone, and knowledge of its contents is sure to make you a better citizen. Best of all, as the blueprint of our government and an expression of the ideals on which this country was founded, it, and not the flag, is what generations of US soldiers and sailors fought to protect. You'll all be glad to know that I will NOT be packing my soapbox to take on my next cruise. ;)
  13. fsr44

    Food on Celebrity

    Absolutely correct. Thomas Keller (chef/owner of The French Laundry, Per Se and Ad Hoc), arguably the premier chef in the US at the moment features recipes for both beef cheeks and pork belly in his restaurants and his cookbooks.
  14. Count me as another in favor of Europe/Med cruises. I've done both Barcelona -Venice and several Caribbean cruises on Celebrity and there is just no comparison. In the Caribbean, the islands are so alike and all the cookie-cutter shops are of little interest to us, so we mostly stay aboard the ship. The main attraction for us is the weather. But the Med? In one two week cruise I saw Nice, Florence, the Vatican and the Coliseum, Pompeii, Sorrento, Santorini, the Parthenon, Dubrovnik and saw the Grand Canal from a gondola. This was during the year following 9/11 and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
  15. Several years ago, we were in your shoes. We'd booked a cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale and plane tix from Providence the morning of the cruise. The week before the cruise, a huge storm was predicted. We kept an eye on flight availability, decided to watch the track of the storm for a bit and see. When, a couple of days before it looked pretty bad, we rebooked our flight to fly one day ahead of the storm and booked a room at the airport Sheraton in Ft. Lauderdale. Best decision we ever made, as the blizzard that hit the east coast kept quite a number of people from making it onto our ship. That said, it would need to be a big storm to close Logan, and I haven't heard anything that sounds that dire. But keep an eye and don't be afraid to just bite the bullet and change your flight. The peace of mind alone may be worth it. Have a wonderful trip!