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  1. Yes Anthem is slowly making its way across the Med to Cyprus to pick up crew. Suspect Jewel will just have an overnight in Cadiz before proceeding on to Cyprus. I only booked Jewel for end of July as I strongly believe that my 21st August Rhapsody cruise will be cancelled.
  2. Something positive happening. I can see on Vesselfinder that Jewel has left it’s anchorage and is sailing to Cadiz with an ETA of 5th May.
  3. Can’t remember now. May have been before early 2019.
  4. To explain. I was aware of the “rules” that you could not use diamond lounge entitlements in the main dining room. However on one cruise the waiter told me he would get our drinks on the diamond entitlement. Did not sign for the drinks but still ended up on our bill at the end of the cruise. I did get them removed though by reception desk. It seems a bit hit and miss whether some ships allow you to get diamond drinks in the MDR.
  5. I suspect that if Cyprus has high rates of COVID passengers will not be able to go ashore and that it will be straight from the airport to the ship.
  6. Just be careful ordering diamond drinks at the main restaurant dining table as in the past I have been charged and had to go to reception desk to have them taken off. To be fair the rules did use to say that you couldn’t use the diamond drinks vouchers in the main restaurants but some ships ignored this. The 50% off a glass of wine or beer voucher ( pre loaded to your card) can only be used once and therefore I usually use it against a nice wine. Likewise the 20% off voucher. Make sure you tell the waiter that you want to use the 50% off voucher or the 20% off voucher. Equally if you wan
  7. I wonder when Jewel will set off from its current anchorage in Poole Bay for Cyprus. I see Anthem has over last few days made it’s way from the U.K. down to the Med to pick up crew. Currently Anthem is anchored off Gibraltar but rumour has it that it’s going to pick up crew in Cyprus to avoid crew having to hotel quarantine for 10 days in the U.K.
  8. Manchester Airport website: TUI flights usually depart from Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport. Although, as of September 2nd at 00:01, all TUI flights will now depart from Terminal 1 until further notice.
  9. We got our revised invoice this afternoon from RCI. Our flights from Manchester are now showing. We are booked on a direct TUI flight to Lanarca. Flight times are good. Departing at 7.45 from Manchester andarriving Lanarca14:15. Return 15.40 Arrive 18:55. The flights must be chartered by RCI as the flights are not on the normal TUI schedule.
  10. Just had an invoice from RCI. Our flights from Manchester are now showing. We are booked on a direct TUI flight to Lanarca. Flight times are good. Departing at 7.45 from Manchester and arriving Lanarca14:15. Return 15.40 Arrive 18:55.
  11. We went on Jewel in the Summer of 2019 and booked to go on her again end of July from Cyprus. Love the position of the Diamond Lounge up next to the Viking Crown Lounge.
  12. I agree. We did feel DL on Symphony was dungeon like. RCI tried to give it an outside vibe by putting some virtual screens on the wall but give me a diamond lounge up in the Viking Crown any day. Enjoyed using the drinks vouchers in the Lattice Bar in Central Park though.
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