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  1. I did my Spanish locator form this morning. For us Brits it is the “other certificate “ which then enables you to manually input your vaccine details.
  2. Just booked the Chronomics tests at £20pp for our Explorer 2 cruise on 24th October.
  3. I didn’t frequent Brodie’s but Gin menu still in Crows nest. I had one of the Gin flights
  4. We were quite lucky with our Britannia cruise 1st to 5 th August when we had two very good mornings and the last day full sun with the sea very smooth throughout.
  5. Anyone on the current Britannia cruise has struck lucky with the weather.
  6. Seems reasonable to me. You could have got the train to Southampton and sat in close proximity to someone who was positive. Likewise the taxi driver who drove you to the port could have been positive.
  7. I would also advise printing off vaccine certification. We thought screenshots of the QR code pages would be ok but P &O don’t have QR readers. If you do use screenshots make sure you have the full two pages showing all of the details. We had to log on to the NHS app - I think we did have 4G signal but either way got logged on ( after a bit of a panic when my wife forgot her password , whereas I had face recognition for my NhS app ). Other than that testing was quick ( results through in 10 mins ).
  8. A few drinks menus from our Britannia cruise on 1st August
  9. Which bar menu do they give you in the Diamond Lounge - I assume it will be whichever is the nearest bar from which the server can get drinks. I will continue to have a drink or two in DL unless the DL is buried in the bowels of the ship like Symphony.
  10. I carried my dinner suit aboard in a suit carrier. A lot of passengers were going aboard and disembarking with smallish pull along suitcases.
  11. We didn’t bother using the app to go to the Glasshouses. Just turned up at the entrance to the Glasshouse but we doing make sure we got there early. Apart from the excellent food the Glasshouse has the advantage that you can hear the performer in the Atrium.
  12. I agree with the review from debsjc . The only real poor part of the cruise was Celebration night in the main dining room. On the first night we ate in the MDR which was a pretty good meal . On night 2 we ate in the Ollys Gllass House and the meal was very good as was the wine. On night 3 we were given pagers and had to wait over an hour for us to be paged. However service in the MDR that night was exceptionally slow. The chefs amuse bouche was inedible ( some foul tasting cold tomato soup concoction) . I had the lobster as the main course which was very small. My wife had Stilton as a cheese plate instead of dessert and the Stilton was smaller than a sugar cube . On the last night we went back to the Glass House and had another lovely meal. My advice is avoid the MDR on Celebration night . Other than that the entertainment was excellent.
  13. We were on the 4 night 1st August to 5th August cruise. We had On the Horizon ( in replacement for Sound of the Underground) and Mr Tickertons Circus. On the Horizon got better ( just stick with it ). We also had the Elton John tribute in the main theatre ( he also did a show on a different night in the live lounge). Celebration night was a comedian but we didn’t bother with that. The Trawlermen in the atrium were very good. All the entertainment was very good.
  14. We have just got off Britannia today and when we checked in on Sunday I asked about the number of passengers on board and was told 2,100.
  15. I’m with Sky mobile and managed to get either a 4g or 3G signal most of the day but switched to Airplane mode when not using to avoid inadvertently connecting to Maritime network.
  16. Just disembarked Britannia today and can report that 90% of the men I saw in the Atrium or MDR on Celebration night were in dinner suits or dark lounge suits.
  17. Thanks. I guessed it might be Tuesday. Weather forecast next Monday to Wednesday doesn’t look too bad at the moment around Torquay and Newquay. Looking forward to the cruise. Should have been on Jewel of the Seas on Saturday from Cyprus but bottled out before final payment and took FCC instead.
  18. Camberley- thanks for the review. We are on the 4 nighter starting this Sunday. Which night is Celebration night ?
  19. Was due to go on Jewel this coming Saturday but bailed out before final payment and took the deposit as a FCC as could not take the risk of insurance issues or Cyprus being put into red zone.
  20. We are on Britannia for a 4 nighter on Sunday. Will be taking my dinner suit as I like to dress up for formal ( celebration) night on P and O. Conversely I no longer take my dinner suit on Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruises as would feel out of place. I would take my dinner suit on Celebrity but not on Azamara as Azamara although being more premium is more of a relaxed style of cruising experience. Will only be eating in the MDR on celebration night and will eat in speciality the other nights as I don’t particularly rate the MDR food.
  21. We are sailing 1st August and I managed to book all the main theatre shows this morning. Don’t forget to click the check out button at the end. Pleased that the Elton John tribute is on one night.
  22. Thanks Dave. Just booked staycation cruise insurance for 4 nights cruise online with CoverForYou -£20.50 for myself and my wife inc medical disclosures. £59.72 was the cost for P&O Holiday Extras. The covering letters are very useful as proof of cover if needed at the Port.
  23. Interesting that only a small number of Brits but not entirely surprising. I cancelled our booking for end of July due to risk of Cyprus going from Amber to Red.
  24. What is the % mix of different nationalities on board ?
  25. Rather like when VAT was temporarily reduced to 5% in restaurants and hotels in the U.K. - did anyone see prices go down ?
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