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  1. I haven't cruised Royal recently, but did the Celebrity Equinox this past summer (Western) and going again for Thanksgiving (Eastern), and we have Freedom booked for summer 2020. We can't find a decent deal on the Edge since my wife is a teacher we have to cruise during peak summer times (the edge is in Europe for summer). We had similar experiences on the Equinox. I felt it was a lot more relaxation and less (frills?) than Royal. The show quality was definitely lacking, but we enjoyed the comedians. Both of us are in our (late) 20's, and we did get a little bored towards the end of the cruise. Most of the ship seemed to be in bed by 10:30. However, the food and service was excellent. Our waiter in the MDR remembered us every day and the our som always had a new bottle of Cab or Pinot for us to try every night. Murano (specialty dining) was probably the best I've had at sea. Chops is a close 2nd for me. We'll keep cruising both until we're given a reason not to 🙂 !
  2. On behalf of Delta airlines, I apologize 😀 P.S: I've had my crew bag lost once if it makes you feel any better. Not my roller bag, but my other usual carry on. Flight was tight on space, so I volunteered space in the closet since it was a short haul and generally can go get my own from below. Poof..... got left in ATL. At least I had clean underwear. Oh, and don't use the luggage tracker on the app. It stresses me out.
  3. This makes me happy. We booked a somewhat distant cruise on the Seaside for Summer 2020. I've only sailed Royal and Celebrity, and we are doing another Celebrity in November. We're excited to try MSC, the value and status match were quite attractive. We're doing Aurea Experience to see if it compares to our experience on Celebrity.
  4. We booked yesterday for 2020, and our Travel Agent was able to apply it after our Gold match discount.
  5. We have a 7 planned for November on Celebrity, and stay a few nights in the area with family on shorter voyages. I will agree the value is better for longer cruises, but my work obligations in the summer can be quite a challenge for longer vacations. My crew schedulers keep me quite busy in the summer months being so close to ATL. Unfortunately, my wife is an elementary teacher and off all summer, so we have to get away at off times for her calendar.
  6. Great pictures. We're debating a short 4 night cruise this summer on the Mariner. I love the Voyager Class ships.
  7. AUPilot14


    We never do the cruise line excursions. We venture on our own and it has usually (always) been a good decision. In Cozumel, I highly recommend Nochi Cocom. It's our favorite thing to do in Cozumel and get away from the crowds. Definitely pre-reserve. Taxi's are abundant and affordable. All inclusive booze and food, and limited to less than 200 people daily. http://www.cozumelnachicocom.com/
  8. Loved the Equinox sans the entertainment, maybe we've just been spoiled by traveling productions at the Fox in Atlanta too much. Definitely will check out your YouTube channel, we are anxiously awaiting our next cruise on the Equinox in July.
  9. I always enjoy the private islands when we stop (on previous RCCL cruises). A lazy day on the beach is always a must!
  10. A stop at the RCCL owned private islands would be nice. Labadee or CocoCay. Preferably during the summer Caribbean offerings.
  11. Also my favorite ship I've been on, though I'm not exactly a seasoned cruiser. We enjoyed Equinox so much, we booked again for the other route next summer!
  12. The wife and I cruised Equinox in July (our first Celebrity). However, I've been on few RCCL ship before I was married. This was the first time my wife has ever cruised, and well.... she's been spoiled by the luxury of Celebrity. Don't get me wrong, I still like RCCL, but for young married couple (or older) without Kids.... It was great. The glass of champagne when boarding was a great start to the cruise. We just had a standard balcony veranda room, and it was fine for us. We booked Concierge Class for next summer for the Eastern Route. Food: Overall, better than RCCL. Your experience may vary, but we enjoy the MDR immensely. We ate at Tuscan one night, and didn't feel it was worth the surcharge. We probably won't eat again. However, we may try Murano next summer. Oceanview Cafe very similar to WindJammer on RCCL. Entertainment: It's a lot more mellow than most RCCL ships IMO. At night, there are the typical shows, but we skipped many of them in favor of an extra (or two) drinks at the Martini Bar. Band were good, we enjoyed the Sky(I forget the real name) Bar for late night dancing and booze with a few younger couples (we're in our twenties). Happy and answer any questions in particular, but we're hooked on Celebrity for the future.
  13. I was watch shopping on our July cruise for a Tag as well. I actually got a good offer on-board and the gentleman in the shop threw in a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label. Diamonds International in Mexico is a better deal though with the kickbacks from the Mexican government.
  14. If you can't figure out Uber due to lack of smart phone, there are plenty of cabs downtown. I know they were waiting outside our Hilton on the Saturday we were heading to the Equinox, we took Uber though.
  15. Like others said, it really depends on your sommelier. We made friends with ours (shoutout to King Richard) and he never charged us. He also left us a full bottle of Wente Cab on nights we didn't bring our own from the room.
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