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  1. Posted on Facebook 6 hours ago that the Viking Egil is making it from Passau to Regensburg but will probably scrape bottom, but the captain will do it. We just got off the Egil on Friday in Budapest and so it went back to Nuremberg. That captain doesn’t mess around! We scraped bottom on the Rhine last year from Basel to Trier.....you do notice it! We need rain! California residents are getting their power turned off in the dangerous fire areas both north and south as the winds start to blow for fear of power lines causing fires. Crazy weather everywhere.
  2. Back from our trip. No water problems. Viking is currently doing ship swaps near the Main Danube canal, passenger posting that Monday. That is the Grand European between Budapest and Amsterdam. They were told they cannot make it through the canal, which I don’t get if water level is regulated. A ship was docked in Passau and passengers bussed there to board and then bussed to Regensburg I believe. Today no one has posted anything else about swaps. It was unseasonably warm for us between Nuremberg, especially farther down to Budapest. Locals said the last five years are bad. Budapest driver said no more white Christmas. Sad for all.
  3. I am German born and how know how you fill the rivers.....My Vati and brothers contributed to the cause as well!
  4. Thank you to all for keeping us updated about water levels, ports and other tidbits of info. I am also quite disconcerted about the increase of tourism and crowds everywhere you go now in many European locations. It is overwhelming in large cities and villages as we have noticed in our travels....which are primarily by tour bus with our high school teacher daughters students and parents...small groups. Last year in our first river cruise on the Rhine we chose to leave Strasbourg after the included tour because it was like Disneyland on a bad day, and very warm as well. I couldn't believe all the cheap tourist stalls in front of stores with made in China and India garbage. I was so disheartened. I wont buy anything unless made in the country we visit. We relaxed on the ship for the rest of the day! Tomorrow we leave for Prague and then Nuremberg to Budapest! Thank you notamermaid and G.M.T. for doing the all rain dances and filling the rivers.
  5. Just found the coolest site if you want to track your ship, get weather and other info about each port. https://www.fleetmon.com/ports/regensburg_dereg_18012/?language=en
  6. We travel to Europe with our high school teacher daughter and students/parents often during this time of year, leaving USA on 12/27. Christmas markets are gone for the most part except last year in London Leicester Square, open until 1/6. Street decorations were up and trees were up in some restaurants and public areas in Berlin as well, including Checkpoint Charlie. It snowed in Berlin last Jan 2,3! Great time to be there but cold! Brrrr!
  7. Thank you notamermaid. I didn’t realize it was so obvious as it seems to be.
  8. Thank you notamermaid! We are leaving for Prague a week from today and then to Nuremburg for Romantic Danube in Viking. I have been following weather on several German weather sites and would like a reminder please of the catchment areas for the stretch of Danube between Nuremburg and Budapest. Thank you! p.s. Wish we had time to find my uncle’s grave in Nuremburg but knowing his address from letters to my mom I could Google and look at the picture of his home. A thrill!
  9. Interesting and sad. I am sure you have seen the news as of late regarding Amsterdam working on controlling tourism by moving their famous IAMSTERDAM sign around the city to keep areas less congested. Also Venice has or is planning not to allow large cruise ships in the canal. Recently I also saw a post about Barcelona not allowing as many cruise ships in their port due to overcrowding. It seems that cruising has become more affordable which is good to some degree, but the consequences for local people, the environment and our beautiful historical sights being adversely affected is greater than sad! The world is getting smaller.....
  10. Notamermaid, I am glad I brought a tiny bit of joy into your day. I feel privileged to do so! I also just posted a link again to this thread on another Facebook river cruise page in which I explained why your posts are accurate......because you are German and can read the info in the sources available and are able to interpret that info as to river levels and you know the ships. I also tell them you live on the Rhine but this time I accidentally wrote “in “ the Rhine! Haha! You can’t fool me....you ARE a mermaid!
  11. Hello Notamermaid! Hallo aus Kalifornien! I followed you last year on the Rhine and we squeaked through mid Sept. on the Viking Hild from Basel to Trier! Loved that trip! Thanks for all your wonderful and informative reports on the water levels. You probably don’t remember me but I am German born with parents surviving WWII in Schlesien and emigrating as Displaced Persons in 1952. My Vati was POW in US and Mutti fled from the Russians. My Mutti will be 100 on Nov27! Strong German! Two weeks from today we fly from LAX to Prague and then Nürnberg to Budapest on the Danube with Viking so here I am again following you and your timely updates! I keep posting a link to this thread on several Facebook group pages I follow because YOU ARE THE BEST! Now all you have to do is learn how to make it rain! 😘
  12. Ha! That is the perfect question! Everyone has a different answer for that one. With so many variables, not only in river level possibilities, but personal preference, expectations, financial losses on the part of cruise companies and cruisers, etc., it brings to mind a previous post and link offered by Notamermaid, I believe. It was announced that the people of Germany are to expect the price of the POTATO to increase and blemished, non perfect potatoes will be seen in the stores. It seems that the same is occurring with cruises. Blemishes can be expected. It is inevitable! With a little extra effort a potato can be enjoyed and is nourishing and satisfying. Not that the higher price and blemishes disappear but we have choices as to our acceptance. As for me, being a potato loving German girl transplanted to USA after WWII, I love me a beautiful potato but have peeled and cleaned and eaten many an ugly, blemished potato in my life and will undoubtedly do so until I die. Just my profound thoughts on a Sunday morning before I take my almost 99 year old Mutti (mommy) to Mass.
  13. Well, of course the small ones use the candles. Interesting that they use cats.Really? I know the actual name is Pyramide, but as kids we called it Mühle probably because it means “mill” and the concept is used in that manner to grind.....I guess I better read that Google description.....I would love to see that in person. Next year?
  14. Thanks for the photos. We enjoyed Bernkastel also. I walked up a side street right to the vineyards. Lovely! The Christmas carousel is a Mühle. That’s what we call it. We have them lit with candles at Christmas and the top revolves from the heat. Oh, I am German born but came to the US with parents and baby twin brothers as Displaced Persons after WWII, 1952. We loved our recent Rhine and Mosel cruise on the Viking Hild!
  15. The fires are even worse since they jumped the 101 freeway and are now in Malibu. All of Malibu has been evacuated and the 101 is closed in both directions. Terrible! Where AMA is is not too far from where the shooting was in Thousand Oaks. Double trouble. Hopefully you will be able to connect with the 800 number and get your questions answered. Puts things in perspective though, when people are upset about their cruise being partly bus. Worse to lose your house and everything in it.....or not to know if your house stands or not....or to have no where to go because there is no more room in shelters. Sorry, but this is horrible here and many people’s lives will never be the same.
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