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  1. That is just shocking to me. These are not just small changes, but so significant...how on earth can they maintain a customer base?
  2. My stars!!! How on earth is that reasonable? You could have flown to Barcelona and then walked all over the ports trying to find your boat. I am totally flummoxed by how MSC does this.
  3. HUH?? So after seeing people comment on their changed itineraries, I decided just to look at mine and feel all good about how mine is the same.. BUT IT IS NOT! I was leaving from Barcelona - now leaving from Genoa (geez, and I already got the plane tickets).. and now one of the ports is MALTA? (Been there, done that, not a pleasant experience).. and the ONLY REASON I know about these significant changes is because I happened to LOOK... OMG Is this NORMAL?? OH yeah..originally sailing from July 3-10; now it
  4. Hello all! I've seen several posts in which your cruises were cancelled or relocated....or you've seen information about how people from the UK can't get on the Italy cruises.....where is everyone getting this information? I feel like I am getting ALL of my information from you all and I can't find anything on the MSC website. I'm sure there is some "update" page or something. Help! Thanks! Rachel
  5. Thanks, emmas gran. How on earth would I check this out? I did look at the whole "Schengen" country thing, and just that was a learning experience as I had no idea there was such a thing. On one hand, I'm thinking...well geez...you let me book the cruise with a USA address! :0). I've also heard all different things about MSC customer service, so I'm not even sure who to reach out to.
  6. Hello everyone! I have Grandiosa booked for this summer, and today I started looking at the various shore excursions. I'm one of those who likes history, old buildings, etc....and the shore excursions I see that have history just have you driving BY the various items of interest, with no entry (i.e. We'll see this big cathedral, but not go in....oh, and we'll see these ruins when we drive by them.." So far, not impressed with the options, but I'm wondering what you all have done? I've looked at "Driver in Rome" as I have used them before, but I am wondering what else is out ther
  7. This is so helpful...and doesn't look like "Cattle Class" is that bad!! Thanks!
  8. Good afternoon all! So I'm learning that the MSC site is a bit difficult to understand (or I am suffering from pre-spring break brain).. Now that I have my first MSC cruise booked, I"m seeing all of this Yacht Club and Fantastica and Hullaballoo levels. If I am reading it right...it's just referring to where my cabin is, right? So I got the cheap deal..inside cabin...so I'm part of Bella, which appears to be Cattle Class. Does this mean anything else?? 🙂 Thanks! Rachel
  9. WOW! Thank you so much for all of these details! I appreciate your thoughtfulness in putting these together. I'm so excited!! Rachel
  10. Going in July. What a crazy good deal! Now I have to learn all things MSC...yacht club, etc. So excited!
  11. Been on Carnival and RCL; just booked my first MSC cruise. WHAT AN AMAZING DEAL!! I'm so excited. Just had to share!!! Rachel
  12. Hello all! I've been on Carnival (too partyish, food not so great) I've been on Royal Caribbean - quieter, which I like. My favorite was a Mediterranean cruise on Splendour of the Seas..way back. RCL has been my favorite, but these MSC deals are KILLING ME!! A Greek cruise for less than a thousand for both of us (my husband and I, no kids)... Afraid to jump the RCL ship (bad pun), but am really curious to see if MSC will measure up given my preferences for a quieter, less partylike atmosphere, and decent food. Thanks! Rachel
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