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  1. Very harsh comment! Port fees? Are you serious? Passengers died. Your quote: "And even if they found another survivor, it's not like they'd be getting right back on the ship..." How heartless! This should not be about money. Be sensitive. Four passengers from the Royal Princess were killed, ten were hospitalized and two others were missing at the time the ship left Ketchikan. The horrible tragedy occurred about 1 pm. I don't know what the protocols are, but friends and family of those killed, missing, and injured had to be all informed, next of kin advised, belongings needed to be packed etc. This takes time. At the time of departure, two passengers were still unaccounted for. I am not suggesting that the ship not leave Ketchikan at some point. I am curious if passengers on board have any concerns about the ship leaving early in the evening. I understand the pressure of cruise ships to maintain a tight schedule that contains little room for delays and the domino effect it creates. God bless all the people affected by this terrible tragedy.
  2. Many thanks to Idahospuds for your updates. You are a caring and kind person. Our love and our thoughts are with all the passengers and crew of the Royal Princess.
  3. Thanks to everyone who posted to share information, especially Idahospuds. I am just wondering if the Royal Princess left a bit too soon after this terrible tragedy. Should the ship have stayed longer in Ketchikan while rescue teams were still searching for survivors? God bless everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.
  4. Our hearts go out all those affected by the terrible tragedy in Ketchikan. God bless those who have passed away and our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends. We hope everyone injured will make a full and speedy recovery. We send our love to all passengers and crew aboard the Royal Princess. We are part of the Princess community and have sailed on the Royal Princess twice.
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