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  1. Ok, we are now home. Myrtle Beach, land of the Sun your buns, and bring your Guns 😂 Some takeaways from the cruise. After 20 plus cruises, this will be the one I will never forget. The feeling that cruising is back after such a long hiatus. The enthusiasm of the staff, the energy of the passengers, and the freshly prepared food that I didn’t have to cook. I hope that I see less complaining and more joy in the cruise future, because we all know that it’s a privilege and not a right. I should have the after cruise blues now, but do not. I am so glad that someone, anyone, is cruising. We are getting back to normal.
  2. Do NOT show up early to board. This was at 10:15am and they hadn’t opened the terminal to guests yet.
  3. FLL has a bomb threat. Airport shut down and not allowing anyone in. Have been waiting in line at the airport for 30 plus min. embarkation was a breeze. Wait for them to call your zone and no problems.
  4. Half Moon Cay again today. Originally we were scheduled for Bimini, but moved to two visits to HMC last week. we had our choice of seats. Back on board was 1:45 pm so not everyone got off today.
  5. I’ve been to the Disney Island as well. It’s beautiful. I love that so far, Carnival/Holland American has kept HMC rustic and mostly natural. I really have no desire to ever visit Coco Cay again 😩. I went there in the early 90s before Royal bought the island, and a few times since. Not visited since the major “upgrades”
  6. Yes, we have been to Grenada. Several Journey cruises throughout the Caribbean. Half Moon Cay still is one of our favorites.
  7. Yes, cabanas were available and booked solid. All of the usual excursions were available.
  8. It was supposed to be 5% or less, but not sure if they gave a final number
  9. Yes. B2B guests do have to get a Covid test in the morning. Someone just posted this on our roll call
  10. Every bar is wide open. No social distancing. We are vaccinated and that’s what carnival requested.
  11. It’s more gorgeous than Barbados. I promise. It’s private and amazing. Godfather down the beach and get away from the crowd
  12. The island buffet was excellent as usual. The only thing missing, that I could see, was the chickens.
  13. This port is simply one of the most beautiful places on earth. We have been all over the Caribbean, and it’s hard to top HMC especially as a complementary beach.
  14. Sorry didn’t notice. It’s really difficult to check out the menu when Paul is hogging my phone lol. I usually order from memory
  15. Paul is a Buckeye. Football season is awkward in our house 😂
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