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  1. Have you checked the prices lately hardly McDonalds.
  2. smeck

    New Program called "The Key"

    No way would I pay a dime for the program. It’s really nauseating how Royal tries to come up with ways to separate you from your money. The days of class cruising is coming back.
  3. smeck

    NCL vs RC food

    You should post the same question on the NCL boards.
  4. Our travel agent booked us a Handicap junior Suite on the Radiance. It was the last suite in our catergory so she booked it. I’m feeling a little guilty about booking it without a handicap but we really wanted a Junior suite for this cruise. Any thoughts?
  5. smeck

    Information Needed

    My advice skip it and stay onboard.
  6. Having never been to the islands I love the itinerary. The overnight at Honolulu is a big sailing point for me.
  7. smeck

    Princess vs Royal Caribbean

    I have sailed both lines both have their up and downs. Depending on your particular needs one line may be better than the other. If your sailing with grandchildren you may want to cruise RCCL if your looking for a sedate more traditional experience Princess is the way to go. I personally enjoyed both lines, to make a carte Blanche statement is I believe a disservice to the kind of cruise you may want. I wonder what kind of answers you would get on the RCCL boards?
  8. smeck

    When can I?

    Thanks everyone for your input. I guess I have to be patient not one of my stronger traits.:cool:
  9. smeck

    When can I?

    We are just under a year out. When I go to the planner it tells me you can’t book it online and to book onboard. I can’t even see the prices.
  10. Typically how far out can you reserve dining, beverage packages and so on?
  11. smeck

    Not going well on Sun cruise .

    Why then do you continue to book with NCL?
  12. smeck

    princess club class dining

    I loved club Class on the CB. Made planning so much better for shows and activities. Dinner never took more than a hour and breakfast/lunch averaging 30 minutes.
  13. I was on the same cruise with you and agree 100%. The ship had many design flaws which caused passengers to feel overcrowded.
  14. smeck

    Epic failure 3/3-3/7

    BTW I did my research didn’t figure Spring Break started so early in March. We had five couples going on this cruise and the date matched everyone’s schedule. Please don’t lecture me, don’t even know why I’m responding.
  15. smeck

    Gave Epic a try...never again.

    I was on the same cruise and find your review dead on. Most of my meals were cold and the spell of vomit made for a great cruise.