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  1. Last May we sailed on the Radiance from Hawaii to Vancouver the Hawaiian portion of the cruise was great but the sail to Vancouver well another story. After the first day of sailing it was to cold to stay on deck obviously not Royals fault. But the activities was lacking during the day. If you enjoy gambling or reading or just the ocean you’ll be happy. Make sure you bring plenty of reading materials!!
  2. Could not agree more but the other lines are missing Mickey Mouse.
  3. Carnival is once again proving what kind of corporate citizen they are. From a blatant disregard of our oceans, to the poop cruise to this latest inspection. To many issues for Corporate to take a pass. Culture needs to change and change starts at the top.
  4. I hate to be a pain it’s a ship not a boat, officers very offended by that word
  5. I have 80 cruise points with Royal how would it translate to celebrity’s royalty program?
  6. Yes we overnight, but no excuse it’s a night that is still part of the overall experience.
  7. Very disappointing work by the cruise director Cruzin Susan. Tomorrow our first day in Maui absolutely nothing going on except for a dance party. The cruise compass looks as baron as a desert. No headline show , no production show just throw up a movie and job done.
  8. Has anyone experienced the Key program on the Radiance of The Seas? If so would you like to share?
  9. Only if you pay the cover to dine.
  10. Has anyone used the Key program on a Radiance class ship? If so can you share your experience?
  11. Has anyone experienced the tendering process under the Key Program?
  12. Cruises during spring break are the worst. We were on the Epic last year Early March and experienced the same problems. Witnessed fights, vomiting and 1700 Florida University students on break along with several other schools. NEVER AGAIN!!
  13. Does anyone know when NCL releases itineraries for Cuba 2020?
  14. New policy only on certain ships as a experiment.
  15. We are booked on the Radiance Of The Seas for a Hawaiian cruise. The first two days of the cruise is a overnight in Honolulu.. if we get to the ship early evening how would security and check in be handled outside regular cruise ship hours? We want to take full advantage of every minute in Honolulu.
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