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  1. 0668565F-D1F3-4FD0-ACC3-B99FBA5C3683.MP4 4D379007-84A7-4723-AB9F-88C4C9D683F4.MP4 DD7B4BCD-C3CF-4840-A0BF-1FED42CF7691.MP4 A0E4301E-F01A-4573-8E38-21211A079EAA.MP4
  2. Do you think 14278 on The Bliss is better or worse then that? What should I expect? It seems like the washing equipment will be in my view? Any pros to this room besides the quiet location and being on my preferred deck? Also while im here, The Escape room 15860 is an amazing balcony room imo. Outward balcony view, excellent location. Only downside to this room that could potentially bother some is a service door is DIRECTLY across from the rooms door and the service elevators are directly behind that door. Resulting in some noise at times.. but to me 15860 was perfect otherwise. Just INCREDIBLE views for sure. Small balcony but the best views you can get in any non aft facing balcony on the ship. You have a great view to the aft and since the balcony sticks outward so to speak, you really do get an extended view. The overhang above the room did not bother me whatsoever at all, however I suppose maybe at night it limited my view mode so then the day time. If I could get the same room but 2-3 doors down it would be literally perfect for me. hoping 14278 on The Bliss treats me half as well
  3. 15% off any future cruise booked within 15 days.. not bad. Royal actually cancelled a cruise 2 weeks before sailing and didn’t notify me at all one time back in 2016!!! It was on empress of the seas.. thank goodness they cancelled it though because that’s how I ended up on NCL Escape the same day I was scheduled to leave on Empress and for 2 more days.. causing me to fall in love with NCL and Tortola
  4. I get vodka sodas. But my favorite sugary frozen drink is by far a Miami Vice! Red white and blue frozen goodness! Used to be my goto but with wisdom I now get a handful at most on my cruises and stick to vodka sodas. Sometimes I’ll do mimosas in the mornings. Or fireball shots at night. I used to do Mai Tais all day but since I changed my diet I find that much sugar disgusting especially since I’ll drink heavily on some days when I cruise. I now exclusively try to only select longer 11+ night cruises until my life tells me otherwise so some days I take a break even with UBP vs the 7 day cruise (ideal length for most) where I’m going heavy trying to get my moneys worth. Nothing like a 14 day cruise. It’s addicting
  5. Doubt it because my 1/5 12 day western was also cancelled today. The 1/17 sailing is still up.
  6. Also, after I make this change.. Is it possible to change it again in the event I decide I wanna take someone and just pay the fees waived? I would think so . 95% just gonna go alone and go ALL OUT! Also wanna do Hawaii soon. You see, people my age spend their money on a lot of garbage, I just like to travel and blow my money that way
  7. Thanks, well I was also trying to get General solo cruise travel advice and tips I will definitely check out these NCL forums you speak of though for sure
  8. Yup exactly! It's exactly that, $225 for beverage service charge $15 dining, and $200 prepaid service charge So if I called and changed it to Solo, that's $450 (approx) So $4826.56 (exact total) minus $450 would be about $4386 . When I look up Solo same room/beverage and extra $50 excursions (combinable with distancive voyages??) it comes out to 4,000 w/o the $200 prepaid service charge but including all other charges and fees So I guess it's about $450 + cheaper to call and change it or rebook it and cancel
  9. Can always go a la carte for specialty dining.. For two people @ 4 meals it makes some sense but if I can't get some Cagneys delivered to my room then I might just go ala Carte and use the $50 per port (x8!!, $400) instead. I love ncls options, hope they accommodate Was gonna stay at a 5 star hotel the night before the cruise right next to the terminal probly too
  10. Yeah definitely don't mind the alone time at all I love it actually, as long as people are available when I want them to be Anyone from NCL know if I keep my specialty dining package if I can get specialty restaurant room service ? If not I'll likely request an extra $50 shore excursion credit per port instead of my dining package
  11. That was my biggest concern, thank you. I guess it comes down to, I don't mind a quiet older crowd. As long as there is a small but prevalent 5-10% of the ship that would be in the demographic to wanna chill. Also, for the thread , Is it safe and cool for me to do all my excursions alone through the cruise line? Or would it be better to find a partner on board or just take someone instead? I really don't mind older quiet crowd if they don't mind me. I wouldn't even mind the lonely older widow traveler and I hope one scouts me out and seduces me lol but maybe that's just fantasy world?
  12. Not gonna lie, I love NCL but the two times I've sailed with them (Escape and Getaway) the Pepsi and soda in general was very sub par. Thankfully I don't really like soda that much, but the one day after a long day of sun and excursions that I did actually want a cold fresh Pepsi/soda I ended up drinking the can from the mini fridge because it was far far far superior to the Pepsi on tap . Just a minor nitpick since there's a thread on the subject
  13. Yes I was hoping to just call them up and alter the current reservation, but can easily book a new one in a cabin next door and cancel the current one. Just wondering if I lose any bang for my buck by doing that without calling first which I will. Really just hoping it's not awkward being alone on a ship full of couples, I think if I just relax , explore and lurk the bars at night to mingle I'll have a great time tho I hope Can't wait!!!
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