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  1. My TA received the Pursuit change from Azamara about the same time as I saw it on CC and contacted her, so I don’t if I would have gotten timely notification from her or not. I agree that this can be the problem on notification. But, why did Azamara change the dates of all 4 port calls 4 months prior to the cruise? Scheduling of the Amazing Evening! Come on, that is simply poor planning on their part!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. I’m on the Pursuit Antarctica sailing leaving on Jan 6, 2019 and we only have 4 port calls and they changed the dates of all four last week, including eliminating an overnight stay. No notification from Azamara, I saw it on Cruise Credit in our roll call. The letter that was posted said it was due to the AmAzing night. Really, they couldn’t figure this out until 4 months prior to the cruise? Had to rebook all excursions and now cannot do what was planned for the overnight stay. This is our first Azamara cruise and now knowing they can’t plan and don’t communicate, I will think long and hard about booking another one. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. As a first timer in Jan, 2019 on the Pursuit, a meeting, hand out, or video would great. I learned so much from Alsun’s blog, but before then, I didn’t understand some of the lingo, such as White Nigh, etc. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. Alsun, thank you again for the blog. It certainly brought back memories of our cruise to Norway. Plus, I have loved the practical details about the Pursuit. We are taking our first Azamara cruise in Jan 2019 to Antartica on the Pursuit for 17 day with only 4 port calls, so it’s nice to be familiar with the ship. I feel so much better prepared on knowing what tho expect and what things are called. We normally sail on another cruise line in mid size ships, so some things are similar and some are different, but for sure what things are called is different! Have a great trip home and look forward to seeing you post on a future cruise. :)
  5. Loved seeing Flam again! We were there on another cruise and did the portion of the Nutshell where you take boat, train and bus. Fabulous experience. Thank you much for these postings!
  6. New to Azamara...how do you request an upgrade? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. Thank you much Alsun for this blog. We will be first time Azamara cruisers in Jan, 2019 on the Pursuit. I feel this has given me a lot of information on what to expect, plus it reminds of a previous cruise on another line in Norway. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. Birdy, we are also from Dallas and doing the same cruise package as you are! It will be nice to meet! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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