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  1. Hi bea, only just seen this... I can’t find it🤨 x Hope all is well now xx lots of love x
  2. Hey Bea, desperate to keep in contact with you, but not really sure how all this works, plus it’s David login and he is certainly not great with it. He likes to read information prior to cruising but that’s about our limit. Is there anyway we can private message or swap email addresses? Been so worried about what’s been happening. So sorry to hear that recovery hasn’t been great. Wishing you both all the best. Lots of love Claire xx
  3. Not too much difference then! Glad to hear things are improving. Get well soon xx Hi back Norwegians ! Hope you are having a lovely time. X
  4. Goodness! Knew he was upset to see us leave but that was extreme! Just kidding!! Glad to hear he is now on the mend.. he had us worried and must have been awful for you! just wished we had still been on to help. Wishing you the happiest anniversary! Chin-chin!! 🥂 here’s to you chaps! 😂😂 Love and best wishes. Wished we had met you sooner! Keep in touch. Lots of love Claire David and Noah xx
  5. Here is the wording for my cruise on Seaview later this month Ideal for a seven-day cruise. This service enables you and the other occupants of your cabin to have your garments washed and ironed at any time during the cruise or even all together on the last day of cruise.
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