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  1. Thank you for these posts. I was supposed to go on Joy on April 25, 2020 to Alaska, and I read your Live Blog for the Joy, and re-read it and re-read it... then that cruise got cancelled. I rebooked to go on the Bliss for October 4, 2020 to Alaska, I hadn't found this blog before that cruise, but that is fine.. as that cruise also got cancelled. I am now rebooked for the Bliss to Alaska on October 2, 2021..... I am sure I am going to be studying this post a million times between now and then. Thank you for your time and effort! If I think of any questions between now and then I will be sure to
  2. Thank you so much!! I have started reading this thread and love it! <3
  3. Thank you for your opinion, unfortunately we live and work in a Summer Resort Town where taking vacations from Mid-May through Mid-October is not feasible with our work schedules. I am sure it would nicer to go a bit later, but we will take what we can get and I am sure we will enjoy it anyhow :) And yes, our itinerary includes Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier. This will also be my first time in a balcony cabin on any cruise line :)
  4. Mom and I are sailing on the Joy for the Alaska Cruise from Seattle to Seattle. 7 Day Cruise, April 25th, 2020. Our First time. Looking forward to it already :)
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