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  1. I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure Maarten is the CD on the edge now, he was moved from the equinox., but yes, he does a fantastic job.
  2. We asked our room attendant to do this on our last cruise and were told that they don't do that any more. Should we just press the issue and they will do it?
  3. @KateWes this is a great idea! I like the idea of the beach ball!
  4. My wife and I are booked for our 2nd celebrity cruise for November this year. We are both 31, and have no complaints with our first cruise aboard the equinox. We saw a wide spread of age, we were among the youngest, but I'd say most people were in their mid 50s
  5. We are on a 10 night ultimate Caribbean too! Departing 29th Nov. As someone else has said, no bar behind OVC, on reflection. The sunset bar is different too. It's not against the wall, its round, and seems to be larger to compensate for no bar beneath it. (see below) The slushie bar on the Equinox is called 'Slush' and I believe it isn't on the reflection.
  6. Nice to see new tech rolling out. How has this effected payment at bars? Do they just tap the card to take payment? If so, Is it any faster than swiping?
  7. If memory serves, there are less than a dozen places in the US which serve Kobe beef. Most of them are in either Vegas or NYC and when you order it, they will show you the Certificate of Authenticity before they serve it.
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