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  1. Boarding Passes on departure - Will they print them on the ship or do you just use your phone app to check in and wait until you get to the airport?
  2. Personally, I wouldn't consider going on such a big vacation WITHOUT trip insurance. While I've never had to use mine, I do know people who have. I think it's worth the investment in peace of mind.
  3. I think that the Rodne cruise (last I checked) was for 2 hours and Viking was longer with a waffle. Much better deal to go with Rodne.
  4. Another question about signing up for the excursions: When it's the right time/day, do you just go to each city and pick or is there one place where you can do it all at once? AND, I know that we can't get into our stateroom until 1 PM, can you board the ship before then to get lunch??
  5. Thank you, once again. Having that information makes it a lot easier. Anything to take a bit of anxiety away. 🙂
  6. If you booked through a TA (we did), just ask them to forward your paperwork in email. You can find it there. So much easier than counting ahead on a calendar!
  7. Thanks to moatenote I now have the exact day the excursions open for me. Does that mean it opens at midnight (I'm a US West Coast person) on that day?? Or is it midnight the night before??
  8. OMG. You are wonderful! I missed that too. No more trying to count on my calendar. Thank you!!
  9. We are also going to be on an upcoming Viking Homelands that sails on May 25th from Bergen. The tours just posted the other day at about Day 110 out. If you'll be on that cruise, there is a group page for us.
  10. Thank you so much for the detailed response.
  11. Question about signing up for tours. Can I sign up for both my husband and myself with just one log in?
  12. That was the tour (Friends of Dave) that we wanted to do. Unfortunately owing to our times in port, they can't do it with us. Trying to find an alternative other than Viking. Haven't had any success yet.
  13. Thank you so much for explaining what happened. Even without the two missing people, it sounds like the towns themselves weren't that special to you. I never thought that those towns were "seaside" but more countryside. I can understand why you felt misled. Were you on a full size bus? Was the trip there through the country worth seeing? Still trying to figure out the best tour to do. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your feedback. We'll be there at the very end of May. Hope for lovely weather as well.
  15. Looking for feedback on the paid excursions to Schwerin Castle and Lubeck/Wismar. I doubt if anyone has done both, but opinions please on either. Definitely not going to Berlin and looking for the best way to see the most of that area of Germany.
  16. Viking Homelands Excursions in Berlin port: Has anyone had experience with either the Schwerin Castle or the Lubeck/Wismar tours? Opinions?
  17. Is their softener in the dispensers? I am super sensitive to it.
  18. What time on the West Coast do they open? Midnight?
  19. 2CruiseCats: Thank you so much for your input. It's appreciated. We are comfortable getting around on our own so knowing that's not challenging is good news.
  20. Thank you all. Lots of great feedback. Was already planning to use an outside company for SPB. Planning on outside company for Pulpit Rock thanks to so many people sharing their advice. Will not go to Berlin. Instead we're using Friends of Dave to see towns closer to the ship. We want to take the Flam RR trip if we get it. We start in Bergen and will be there a day early and do Mt. Floyen on our own. We were thinking in Aalborg of going on our own to see Lindholm Hoje since we are active Viking re-enactors. Still not sure about Copenhagen. We are comfortable making our own way around, but advice would be welcome. Thinking about just doing the included walking in Gdansk and then going on our own. I hear the Tallinn choco factory/walk is good. Still not decided on Helsinki either. Is it easily walkable? Truly appreciate all the helpful people on this site/board!
  21. Thank you, Port Hope. That's a great suggestion.
  22. I can read where there are lots of options onboard if you need to eat gluten free. However, does anyone have experience being on a paid excursion where you are away from the ship for many hours and lunch is part of it?? I can see where people on the Flam RR trip said they just got a sandwich. Obviously, that wouldn't do and I'd need to make sure I took food with me from the ship. Any experiences?
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